Meet The Team

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Meet The Team

One of our greatest adventures and it all started with one abandoned dog and a toastie....

....and it wasn't even our toastie. I'll try and give you the short version of events.

UPDATE: Adopting Leela has inspired a collection of dog-themed poems and illustrations:
Love, Fluff and Chasing Butterflies - 50% of royalties are donated to the Dog's Trust 

This is the very first picture we have of Leela, taken on the day she wagged her way towards us in a Spanish cafe, or more specifically wagged her way towards Esther's dad's cheese toastie. It turned out to be a good move for her. Not only did she get a lot of toastie, she also got a new home.

It was just four days after we took her home, on her first visit to the vet, that we found out she was not only pregnant but very pregnant. We were told to expect 5 - 7 pups within 7 -10 days. What had we gotten ourselves into? The greatest adventure of our lives, that's what! 

We moved into a rented house and two weeks later 6 pups arrived in the form of 6 bundles of noisy, gooey, messy cuteness. We tried not to get attached. We failed. Within a couple of weeks the 6 bundles had become George, Bella, Teddy, Jess, Rose and Pati. They were beautiful in every sense of the word. Leela wasn't too keen on motherhood, so we had to get quite involved. 

Time passed. Jess and Teddy went to amazing new homes. For various reasons the other four pups didn't. Fast forward 2 years and here we are, 5 dogs and 2 humans living in a motorhome. We've been to mountains, beaches, forests and cities. We've laughed. We've cried. We've eaten each others' fur. And we've learned life lessons that we never even dreamed existed.

As the gang teach us every day, life really is awesome. We love you guys.

Happy Woofing.

Meet the team

Click on the images below for more pictures and to meet the individual team members.

Adopting Leela has inspired a collection of dog-themed poems and illustrations:
Love, Fluff and Chasing Butterflies - 50% of royalties are donated to the Dog's Trust 


  1. Love seeing these pics and hope you are all doing well, love Colin and Noreen. Sadly we lost our Border Collie Rosie in June 19 but we still have our B&W BC 'Coco'. Hope to catch up with you soon!

  2. A genuine inspiration reading your story, I intend to buy your published books.

    I have just finished reading the article on the BBC, fascinating.

    We are hamster wheelers living in Thornaby - Stockton on tees, not too far from Durham itself.

    I have a feeling after reading your books there may well be a change in the offing, maybe not to your extent but perhaps less hours at work and getting back to the more important things in life that really matter - but all too often get pushed to one side.

    Thankyou for sharing your inspirational story.

    The hamster wheelers - Thornaby

    1. That's so kind of you to get in touch and let us know. I do hope you enjoy the books.

      It's hard to see alternatives sometimes, simply because life can be overwhelming. But there are alternatives, more than ever be imagined. We've met people carving out lives in all sorts of ways we wouldn't have believed if we hadn't seen it. People are kind and things really do tend to work out if you're prepared to go with the flow and reconsider what 'success' looks like.

      We feel very grateful for the changes we've made and/or fallen into. If our story can help others look for changes in their own lives, that would be wonderful, so I'm really touched that you took the time to send us a message.

      Thank you x It means a lot to us.


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