Meet Bella

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Meet Bella

As pups Bella and George were inseparable, which made a great pairing since George was the smallest and Bella easily the biggest and strongest in the pack. At first I wanted to name her bulldozer, after her habit of sucking a teat dry and then bulldozing a sibling off the next nearest teat. Esther, of course, vetoed my suggestion and named her Bella, which turned out for the best since she grew into such a beautiful, loving and playful dog.

Everyone who meets Bella falls in love with her. She just wants to play, all day, every day, especially on the beach. She can spend, quite literally, hours chasing up and down after flocks of birds flying back and forth over the sea. She's never caught one, she doesn't care. I'm fairly sure she once ate a Duracell Bunny.

Bella's energetic greetings have also earned her the nickname 'ballbag', because that's what her snout is going to hit if you don't dodge out of the way quickly enough.

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Adopting Leela has inspired a collection of dog-themed poems and illustrations:
Love, Fluff and Chasing Butterflies - 50% of royalties are donated to the Dog's Trust 

Using brother George as a pillow
Bella and George, like Batman and Robin
It's hard work being beautiful
The first to start making bids for freedom
I'm a big girl, feed me.
Sibling snoozing
What you doing mum?
Sidekicks together
Less thoughtful
"Hmm, I reckon I'm about to get fed."
"Apparently not"
Bella took up cigars very young
She doesn't always get on with her sisters
Watch out! Ballbag lunge
"You mean, I can't have more chicken. WHY!?"
Bella tells jokes only she laughs at
Still no more chicken
Too cool for this motorhome
"Don't do it. Don't do it.....You did it. You put it on my head. Nob."
Life is great

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