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What Adventures Shall We Have Today?

Travelling From More To Less In Search Of A Simpler Life

Six years ago Dan and Esther were counting down the days until their wedding and the honeymoon of their dreams. Then Dan almost died. Told to say goodbye to each other “just in case” in the early hours of a sleeting January morning, that was the moment when their lives would change forever. Three months later they drove away from their home, their jobs and everything they’d ever known in a second-hand motorhome. Friends and family asked “What do you want to see? Where do you want to go?”. All they could say in response was “it’s a feeling we’re searching for.”

At first they planned to travel for a year but as their outlook on life evolved, their priorities changed and they started to get glimpses of ‘that feeling’, their escape quickly morphed into a lifestyle all of its own.

This is the story of their travels for the past six years. With no plan and no purpose beyond living in the moment, their meandering adventures have taken them over mountains, under the sea, inside of pyramids and across the skies. They’ve crashed a hot air balloon by the Nile, adopted a dog who surprised them by being pregnant and even became organic farmers for a while, among other things. More than anything, however, they’ve found themselves confronting their own insecurities and limiting beliefs about how life is supposed to be lived.

This is more than a story of two people drifting around Europe, it’s about looking at the world through fresh eyes, reassessing what’s truly important and embracing the inevitable challenges that life throws up.

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Walking Through Paradise

A Magnificent Journey Through Western Europe’s Largest Nature

A light-hearted, uplifting and inspiring account of one couple’s fifteen day odyssey through the French and Italian Alps, exploring the Vanoise and Gran Paradiso National Parks.

Just five days after their demanding four-week adventure around the Matterhorn, Esther and Dan set out into the wilderness once again. Their goal is simple, to enjoy a peaceful walking holiday in the Alps. However, as usual, the moment their shoes hit the trail their plans go straight out of the window and the adventure takes on a life of its own.

Driven by an inexplicable thirst to always look beyond the next summit, their initially sedate hike from refuge-to-refuge soon becomes an expedition across blizzard-ridden 3000-metre passes, tumultuous boulder fields and snow-packed glaciers, turning each day into a unique pilgrimage through some of the most remote and stunning Alpine scenery they’ve ever seen.

Sleeping in everything from luxury hotels to snow-covered storm-shelters and abandoned tree houses, their quest to lose themselves in the heart of the Alps becomes far more than a search for nice views and exciting stories. It’s about rediscovering the solitude of the hills and the calm of the night sky, miles from civilisation and the chaos of the modern world.

A perfect book for anyone who wants to experience the awe-inspiring magic of Europe’s most beautiful wilderness.

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Just Around The Matterhorn

Lose yourself in the heart of the Alps, in the shadow of Europe’s most iconic mountain.

Three busy years after their last epic thru-hiking adventure, Dan and Esther are eager to set out once more into the wilderness. Starting in the beautiful heart of the high Swiss Alps, they decide to try the Tour of the Matterhorn, a loop around Europe’s most iconic mountain. But with no fixed itinerary or timeframe, they find themselves taking a somewhat different route as they hike and camp higher than they’ve ever been before.

Having started out determined to “take it easy”, they instead find themselves pushing their boundaries across glaciers, precipitous ridges and vertical laddered cliffs while also battling illness and at times being hardly able to eat. Yet through the kindness of strangers, the inspirational people they meet and by leaning on each other when the going gets tough, a challenge that could have been a step too far instead becomes the adventure of a lifetime.

With almost 25 vertical kilometres of ascent over 320 kilometres of hiking, surrounded by dozens of famous 4000 metre summits, monumental glaciers and remote mountain valleys, it’s an adventure not to be missed.

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Turn Left At Mont Blanc

One Couple's Inspirational, Funny & Brutally Honest Account Of Their Adventure Around Europe's Highest Mountain

Have you ever wanted to stand at the start of a long-distance hiking trail, a rucksack bulging with absolutely everything you need to stay alive in nature, and then take that first excited step?

Have you ever imagined pitching a tent at 2500 metres (8000 feet) and waking up to watch the sun rise over Europe’s highest mountain?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to spend an evening in the warm camaraderie of a mountain refuge, surrounded by nothing but high-altitude wilderness as the sun sets and stars emerge to frame the silhouettes of the mountains?

If so, then this book is for you.

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Where Are We Now

Poems For When You're Feeling Lost

Poems to help steer you back to what is truly important in life.

A collection of thought-provoking verse exploring life, love, death and truth in our modern, busy and often confusing world.

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Love, Fluff & Chasing Butterflies

Dog Poems Inspired By An Amazing True Story

It was while touring through Europe in a motorhome that Dan & Esther decided to adopt Leela, an abandoned dog on the south coast of Spain. It wasn't something they'd ever planned to do, however, when she wagged her way towards them in a Spanish cafe they found themselves unexpectedly opening their rolling home to this cute little dog in need.

What they never expected was that just two weeks later Leela would give birth to six puppies!

What came next was a story of love triumphing over circumstances as they turned their lives upside down to care for the pups, ultimately taking to the road with five dogs in a motorhome.

Love, Fluff & Chasing Butterflies is a collection of uplifting, insightful and honest poems inspired by their experiences together.

Puppy Pack Adventures

A collection of 5 children's stories inspired by the true story of our finding our lovely lost little Leela and giving her a home....

Awesome George Saves The Day

As well as being fun, each story has a heartwarming message of kindness and good values which we hope will touch both children and adults alike.  

Suitable for a wide range of children. Younger children can enjoy and engage with the tempo of the rhymes and the pictures, whilst these stories can bring parents and older children together over interesting discussion topics.

The stories inspired by our adventures with the dogs, written by Dan, have been beautifully illustrated by the wonderful Kim Prior whose time and creativity has brought these stories to life and made my dream come true that these stories would one day be read and enjoyed by children. 

An especially perfect gift for Christmas but will spread many smiles anytime of year....

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