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In early 2014, in our early thirties, we set off unexpectedly in a motorhome to tour Europe. The push we needed came in the form of a serious health scare. After many years of feeling dissatisfied with work and chronic health problems we received a sharp reminder that life's fragile and you can't rely on the plans you make for the future (read more about us here).

For the first 18 months or so of our adventures this blog was used as a diary for us, friends, family and people that we met along the way. Mostly that meant we used it to put up pictures about all of the lovely places we parked our motorhome (Homer) and where we had hiked and cycled. At the time our blog was even called 'Motorhome Adventurers'.

Then we noticed that our journey started to change. Partway through 2015, even though we had removed all of the obvious stressors from our lives, we realised we still weren't 'happy'. That there was still friction between us. That after more than a year of adventurous exploits exhausting ourselves in  the great outdoors wasn't quite enough any more. This realisation was confusing and painful at first and it forced us to look inwards, questioning what we were really doing on our adventures, or indeed with our lives? Were we just running away and trying to distract ourselves?

It was the beginning on an inward journey of reflection, contemplation and meditation alongside the physical journey in our motorhome and on the mountains and roads of Europe. We began to realise that 'happiness' wasn't really an elusive state that we could get only on top of a mountain and that peace and contentment was actually available at any time, in any place and under any circumstances.

Since that time we have tried to capture both of these journey's on this blog, changing the name of the blog to reflect a broadening of what we wanted to write about such as health, relationships and issues we care about as well as travel and outdoor activities.

This may be why, depending on how you found our blog, you may notice a big difference in the type of things and the way we write now compared to several years ago. Even though our outlook on many elements of life have changed markedly in the past few years we decided that we wouldn't try and remove or change any of the older posts on the blog. We still see it as a record of our journey.

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