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The reason we set up this blog is so that our friends, family and anybody else who might take an interest can see what we are getting up to. We'd love to hear from you if you want to say hello or suggest places for us to head towards.

Either use the form below, send us a message through our Facebook page or post a comment somewhere on the blog and we'll get back to you as fast as we can.

We will be trying to keep in touch and update this blog as often as we can depending on internet access, so we're sorry if there is a delay in our replies!

Best wishes,

Dan and Esther

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  1. Hi folks,

    We too are making our way around Europe in a motorhome and are also in Spain for winter! An unfortunate accident has led to a slight delay in our progress and an extended stay in Ronda, but we hope to resume by the end of February. For cycling, we'd recommend the Via Verde networks (; not sure if you've encountered them yet, but there's a great one starting in Olvera and there's a free aire there too (or 5 euros if you need water and electric). The views are amazing. We can recommend Ronda too, again, the scenery is beautiful. That's assuming you're heading west....!

    Wherever you end up, happy travels!

    Sue, Pete and Powell (the pooch)

    1. Hi Sue, Pete and Powell,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We love hearing from other people on the road. Sorry to hear that you're delayed at the moment. Hope all is ok with the wrist (pictures look pretty bad on your blog).

      Thanks for the suggestions. We got a brief taste of the Via Verde at Navajas at the start of December ( but it was a little too cold for us at the time but will mark Olvera on the map as a place to try in the future or on our way back north as we make our way back to Britain in March. Sadly we're not heading further west but have been to Ronda a few years ago. I agree it's a beautiful place and as we visited in December 2012 during our first holiday out of the UK in many years, it actually inspired us to give the long-distance hiking trails a try as the GR7 passes through.

      Once again, we hope the healing goes well. If you feel like heading east yourself we'd heartily recommend the Cabo de Gata natural park. We'll keep an eye on your blog to check your route.

      Safe and Happy Travels.

      Dan and Esther

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Hello Dan and Esther,

    My name is Sam Kelly and my friend and I (both juniors in college) are traveling to Ecrins National Park in late March (21-25 or so). We noticed y'all's article on the 6 best hikes at Ecrins and were wondering if y'all could offer us some advice on which part of the park we should spend our time. Because we will be traveling without a car, it would be preferable to stay in or near a village accessible by public transportation, but if we are willing to walk if a bus stop is a few km down the road. Because we only have a week at the park, we want to make the most of our time and take on the heftiest of hikes if need be. What region, towns, and trails would y'all recommend to us? Further, we are looking to travel on a budget, so would y'all recommend any cheap hostels, bed and breakfasts, airbnb's, or campsites around the park? We have found some in the Saint-Christophe-en-Oisans area but were not sure whether this was a suitable area for hiking and such.

    Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from y'all.


    1. Hi Sam. Thanks for getting in touch. Hope you are enjoying Madrid. Hope you found the hikes post in the Ecrins useful. In terms of cheap accommodation we were staying in the motorhome so the best advice is to contact the Ecrins National Park tourist offices to ask what's available:

      In the Park, as well as BnB, hotel, hostels, there are many mountain huts and refuges available which offer accommodation and make great bases for hiking but you will need to check with these offices if they will be open and/or which will be accessible at the end of March.

      In terms of hiking if you only have a week, Saint Christophe and nearby Le Berarde (there is a Refuge in the village which could be an accommodation option as well as a campsite)- it's a wonderful area for hiking. Alternatively check out Vallouise and Pelvoux as there were some wonderful hikes in this region. However again you'd need to check what the snow coverage, temperatures and trail conditions are closer to the time to make sure where hiking is possible - we were there in August and September.

      Otherwise it might be better to find a base like Briancon on the fringe on the Park - there are not only walks starting out from there or running through it (like the GR5) but also if you want to considering hiring a bike and the cols are open there is some great places to explore on bike.

      Some more info which might be helpful on Briancon:

      Or Vallouise:

      Hope that helps. Let us know if you have any other questions or otherwise let us know how you get on!

      All the best, Dan and Esther

  4. Hello Dan & Esther,
    Love your blog and your approach to life :) I wonder if you could help me decide on the best way to divide a rare and precious 6 days between Gavarnie and Cauterets - would you spend three days in each or do you think one deserves 4 days. We will be traveling from Australia and I have week to fill in whilst my husband is in Paris at a conference. I've identified these two places as having magical day walks and would love to have a bit of advice from fellow travelers. Many thanks - Lizzie

    1. Hi Lizzie,
      Sorry for the delay in replying. Thank you for the message. Really glad you like our blog. Hope your trip planning is coming along well. Have you seen our post "Hiking in the Hautes-Pyrénées & the Pyrénées National Park - Gavarnie & Cauterets". Both places are really great and as you have researched already have many wonderful walks starting from them.

      I suppose I would have to say that I slightly preferred our stay in Garvarnie as it was more remote as it was a little further into the National Park. The Cirque the Garvarnie is also very special. Cauterets, the town itself, was much bigger than I had expected before going but that's because I wasn't aware of it's history as a spa town. So as there are great walks starting from both it depends what you want at the times when you aren't walking.

      I would say that unless you felt upfront that from your research you had an inkling you wanted to spend an extra day at one the go with that feeling. I've come to think that although I might not always realise it or have trusted it in the past, I am my best guide. Otherwise if you have 3 days at each I think that would be a wonderful way to get to experience both places and this wonderful section of the Pyrenees.

      If you have any more questions about our experience or help finding out any details about the area please get in touch again. It was lovely to hear from you. Once again good luck with the trip planning and if you can if would be wonderful to hear how you get on.

      Best wishes and happy travels. Esther


  6. Hi Nicole,

    Lovely to hear from you. We do love the Dolomites....and the Alps....and the fact all mountains. Europe has so much to offer. We do sometimes see ourselves travelling further afield but right now there just seems so much to see and do right here in Europe.

    In love,


  7. Hey you two, really enjoyed your site and cycling adventure. Your story has resonance with ours, we both have cfs and health issues but search for peace and happiness now everyday. we are heading to Costa Blanca for a short trip and I wonder if you have your hidden valley route on strava or something you could share. hope you are both feeling well. I'll be keeping up with your blog 😃


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