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Sunday 22 March 2020

Supporting The Dogs Trust

As you may know, a little ginger Spanish stray dog, whom we later named Leela, came into our lives over three years ago now and kickstarted one of our greatest adventures. The belly full of surprises she arrived with (six puppies), four of whom joined our 'travelling pack', have been the source of huge joy and happiness, not only for us but for the many people we meet as we travel.  They've spread a lot of smiles and have been well photographed!

Sadly, the world is still full of abandoned pets, not only dogs. Many of our family and friends have given such wonderful animals a second, third or even fourth chance by taking them into their home.  We're also passionate supporters of the 'Adopt Don't Shop' attitude.

Which is why, we signed up to the Dogs Trust Pawcentage Pooch Scheme to raise funds via books sales of 'Love, Fluff and Chasing Butterflies'

We've published a collection of dog-themed poems and illustrations inspired by our adventures with Leela and the gang.

Click here to take a 'Look Inside' on Amazon (although it squashes some of the pictures).

For every book sold, 50% of the royalties are donated to the Dogs Trust.
Specific details are given on the Amazon page.

For dog lovers, or any animal lover, this is an ideal gift that is bound to raise a smile, a tear, or probably both.

Please help us support the Dogs Trust by taking a look today.

A sample of the illustrations are below.

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