Meet Pati

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Meet Pati

The best word to summarise Pati's character is 'special'. Even at just a few weeks old we could tell there was something a little different about her. The way she played. The way she was so very, very gentle. The way she could spend so long staring into space in her own little world. 

Now she's a grown up dog, what Pati seems to want most of all in the world is to be in a human lap, on her back with her legs in the air and her body entirely, utterly relaxed. We have a suspicion Pati was a cat in a former life. The outside world can sometimes seem a little too much for Pati, though she loves running. But if she sees a cat, a strange dog or one of the many ghosts she can see, then she's off into a barking/screaming fit that sounds like a small child being attacked. Honestly, the looks we get from people who assume we absolutely must be beating our dog for it to make those noises. But, truth is, we love her for it. 

With her wide, watery eyes, undershot jaw and trusting nature, Pati can melt anyone's heart.

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Adopting Leela has inspired a collection of dog-themed poems and illustrations:
Love, Fluff and Chasing Butterflies - 50% of royalties are donated to the Dog's Trust 

Hello world
"Look, I can fit your head in my mouth"
I love you
Help, danger!
Life, oh, life.
Getting her lap dog credentials young
It's hard work lying down....
...though I can run like crazy when I feel like it.
Mother and daughter
Outside. I like it, but not too much.
This is where I want to be.
Yep, just like that.
And that
Just because you're busy, doesn't mean I can't lie on you.
Co-captain Pati doesn't look impressed
Oh yes, I'm covered in mud and I love it.
Tired now.
Sometimes I will share my human.
Pati's kind of outside. No-one else around.
"Help, the world's gone dark"
"Excuse me, were you eating..."
Happy place

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