Meet George

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Meet George

George may be the smallest member of the pack, as well as the only male, but in terms of personality George is a force of nature. He has an unbendable will, unless you're holding something he can eat, in which case he'll do anything you want him to. Still, it's understandable. As the smallest pup he had to fight for every scrap of food from his bigger siblings. In fact, at one point we were convinced George wasn't going to make it so spent several weeks bottle feeding him to try and get his weight above 1 kg, at a time when some of his sisters were already over 3 kg! 

Nowadays it's hard to imagine a life without George in it. When he isn't ignoring us or grubbing around on the floor for something he can eat, he's usually busy trying to get into our laps one way or another. Rare is the day we don't wake up to find a ginger bundle of fluff called George somewhere on our bed. 

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Adopting Leela has inspired a collection of dog-themed poems and illustrations:
Love, Fluff and Chasing Butterflies - 50% of royalties are donated to the Dog's Trust 

These feet are made for walking
George has always been a deep thinker
"If she tries to stick that in me again, I'll bite her!"
"Did you say food?"
"One day, none of this will be yours"
"Well I got it. Now what?"
"Up a bit, left a bit...that's the spot."
It's hard being as awesome as I am.
George has a thing for novelty hats...
...and facewear.
See, told you.
On guard, or looking for the chip van.
"I'm excited...and I have no idea why."
"I'll ask again. Did. You. Say. Food?"
"Err, no, it wasn't me that farted."
"Who's your daddy human slave."
"Sleep time. Only wake me for food, or food."
You're never too old for teddies.
"This basket will do. Where are you sleeping?"

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