Meet Rose

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Meet Rose

On the face of things Rose is the serious one. While her brother and sisters can often to be found chasing and barking at things, Rose tends to stay where she is. However, don't be fooled into thinking Rose isn't paying attention. She knows exactly what's going on and, when she feels like it, will happily and enthusiastically join in with the playtime.

Rose is also incredibly affectionate. She loves to lick faces, hands, feet...pretty much anything she can lick while she's getting a fuss. We're pretty sure she sees it as giving back fuss at the same time. In short, Rose is simply a beautiful and incredibly well-natured dog. That's why we love her so much.

Some pictures from the life of Rose...

Adopting Leela has inspired a collection of dog-themed poems and illustrations:
Love, Fluff and Chasing Butterflies - 50% of royalties are donated to the Dog's Trust 

Rose was always inquisitive
and super-cute
Rose loved a cuddle with her sisters and brothers
She was also the first to discover the joys of human furniture
Looking worried? 
Looking cool
Life is awesome
but a little bit tiring
Hanging out in the motorhome
Her favourite sear
Who sleeps like that, honestly!

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