Puppy Progress Weeks 9 & 10 - Out, About & Farewell to Two

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Friday, 7 April 2017

Puppy Progress Weeks 9 & 10 - Out, About & Farewell to Two

In many ways events during weeks 9 and 10 unfolded much as the previous 2 weeks had done. There have been socialisation visits, help from neighbours and lots of play as the pups continue to grow. Yet in other ways big changes have been afoot, including lots more outdoor play, a family visit, extended road trips and longer walks. Yet all of these changes pale into insignificance compare with the fact that two puppies have 2 puppies have now gone to live with their new families, a massive change for them, their siblings, for us and for Leela too.

As much as we anticipated the departure of Jess and Teddy it was an emotional time when they left. In the previous weeks they had been on longer and longer day trips with their new families to bond and generally ease the transition, yet each time they had come home to spend the night with their brothers and sisters. Yet that changed around a week ago as first Jess, then a few days later Teddy, spent their first night on their own away from the pack.....

....and they were completely fine with it. All of the time and energy everyone had put into their familiarisation process worked a treat and they settled in very easily and naturally which is of course what we all hoped for.

Still, it felt strangely empty back at base as we stood looking over a depleted pack and imagining the space where Jess and Ted would have fitted in. At least, however, we knew where they were and that they were going to great homes. Leela, on the other hand, did not know and she certainly had a dip in her energy in the days afterwards. In fact, the place where Jess is living is actually close enough for us to see and hear her from our balcony and on one occasion as we heard her come outside Leela jumped up and started crying and scratching at the side of the balcony.

The other pups, for their part, didn't seem too phased although that's hardly surprising as they still have their mum and 3 more brothers and sisters to tumble with. We have a feeling their has been a shift in power with Ted leaving as Leela has started playfighting with Bella much more, something she used to do with Ted. Perhaps he was the dominant pup after all?

In the weeks ahead, when they are ready, they will leave San Jose with their new families but at least until then we can visit with them and see how well they are settling in.

In other news, as I mentioned, it is definitely true that 4 pups are much easier to coordinate than 6 and as a result our morning outings have gotten longer. We've enjoyed several early start road trips now, visiting different beaches in the park as the sun rises and staying out for up to several hours with all the food and water we need on board the van. We do feel very grateful to have the van as it is so much easier to get 5 sandy, boisterous, noisy dogs on board and then get it clean again afterwards.






Back at base we have relocated the pups closer to the front door to have a renewed focus on toilet training. They certainly get the principle, the challenge is allowing 4 sleepy pups to go outside, do their business and get them back to bed without it turning into an impromptu play session. As much as the books advise picking up the puppy, carrying them to the designated spot and straight back in after they toilet it's not really an option with 4 so we just do the best we can.

This new location also means they get more time playing in front of the house during the day and we feel very fortunate to have dog friendly neighbours. So many people are still rallying round for us and the pups have a very active social calendar. One goes to a cafe with one person, another pair visit with someone else......Esther is incredible at coordinating everything. Their friendly natures, like their mums, make them so adaptable and relaxed in all the different situations we are trying to expose them to.

Oh, and they had a visit from Esther's mum and another en masse vet visit for their second vaccinations before Ted and Jess left as well.

So all in all a busy fortnight. Some more pictures below.

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