2 Border Crossings Passing Through Geneva

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Thursday 21 July 2016

2 Border Crossings Passing Through Geneva

Wow,what another scorching day on which to cross the France-Swiss border not once but twice. First this morning as we got back from cheap overnight stay in Ferney-Voltaire to Geneva and then again en route to our base for the next 2 nights in Thonon-les-Bains. After such a busy time before we left we realise we need a couple more nights in a real bed before starting on the trail proper. As an extra bonus we did also get to see a small bit of Geneva as well, plus a beautiful evening stroll along Lac Leman. Scroll down for a few pictures....

Packing up in our basic little room...

Some sights in Geneva, including the huge water jet on the lake....

Second border crossing of the day on a bus, including water sports....

Dinner served up in our next overnight base, featuring a Riverford organic butternut squash we hauled all the way from the uk.....

A lovely evening stroll on the lake.....


  1. And now your next adventure can begin. Wish you all the best. Success!!!

    1. Hi Chris and Peter,

      We just wantedbtonsay thank you so much for your lively comments these past few weeks. We are so sorry we haven't been more responsive as we have somewhat lost ourselves with the busyness of preparing to start this next adventure.

      Now we are on the way and feeling less cluttered in our minds we just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the kind words and encouragement you have been sending us.

      Devin and Cornwall for a month must have been lovely and you tined it just right with the heat I think. Do you ahev any other trips planned in the near future?

      For us we are just going to see how this hike goes before deciding what will happen when we get to the UK, although we are both fairly certain another motorhome will feature in our plans.

      Best wishes,

      Dan and Esther


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