Exploring Playa de las Amoladeras From Retamar - Cabo de Gata Natural Park - Walk and Run Along The GR92

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Friday 11 March 2016

Exploring Playa de las Amoladeras From Retamar - Cabo de Gata Natural Park - Walk and Run Along The GR92

Over our 10 week stay in San Jose, it has become a regular event now to drive Homer into Almeria on a Thursday morning to collect our shopping order from Ecocentro.  However last week, for the first time, we decided to use it as an opportunity to also explore a little more of the Southern part of the Cabo de Gata Natural Park.  Getting up early, we drove from San Jose and parked Homer at the end of the beach promenade 'Paseo Maritimo' at Retamar, having a lovely walk, paddling our feet in the sea.  This week we decided to go back and despite the vicious head wind, braved a run along the trails (part of the GR92) behind the beach 'Playa de las Amoladeras'.  We're putting our plans together for 2016 which may involve a lot more running (more details to follow soon!).  So we couldn't resist the opportunity to run along a new stretch of stunning Cabo de Gata coastline, especially as it is our last week here!  Details of the walk and pics below......

Parking Homer at the end of the promenade at Retamar on Thursday 3rd we had a lovely walk along the beach -Playa de Torregarcia - to Ermita de la Virgen del Mar.......

We enjoyed it so much, the following Thursday 10th March, we returned this time putting on our running shoes so that we could explore a little further along Playa de las Amoladeras on the GR92 trails.  It gave us great views over towards El Cabo de Gata and the hills of the Sierra de Cabo de Gata as well as over the city of Almeria.....

Using the trip out to also get re-familiarised with living in Homer, as we prepare for our departure from San Jose and our time in Casa Bergantin, having a tasty lunch to refuel ourselves - big salad with lots of super fresh veggies, seeds, nuts and some tempeh after collecting our shopping from Ecocentro over looking the sea from the promenade at Retamar...... 

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