Pirates Storm The Beach At San Jose-Nijar - Pirate Weekend - Music, Events And On Stage For Zumba Demo!

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Sunday 13 March 2016

Pirates Storm The Beach At San Jose-Nijar - Pirate Weekend - Music, Events And On Stage For Zumba Demo!

After being part of last week's Zumba demonstration at the post-finish celebrations of the VIII Cabo de Gata Trail it was again a lot of fun to be invited to join the local Zumba group in a demonstration in the San Jose's central square as part of a whole host of Pirate events over the weekend.  The Zumba dance was the last show to round up a whole weekend of pirate themed activities and events centred around the Pirate Embarkation on the Saturday.  The locals had organised and set up a entire village scene on the beach and put on a show in which Pirates attacked the village from the sea, to be fought off by the brave soldiers. We joined hundreds of others to watch the show.  All weekend San Jose was buzzing with crowds of people with many stalls and games, organised bike races, football and padel competitions for the children and live music all day and night (very late into the night!).

For the Zumba, the regular adults and children who attend Rosa's classes in the San Jose community hall were all asked to dress up in black and be part of the final fun after the prize giving.  As the Zumba music blared out across the Central Plaza, people were dancing, singing and even some of the crowd got involved.  It was lovely after having attended the classes this past month to be asked to be part of the event with the local Spanish ladies - I even found myself very unexpectedly (me? dancing!?) up on stage for the final track!  It was brilliant and I was very grateful that we were still here and had the chance to get involved!  Pics below.....

Pirate Show on Saturday Afternoon..... villagers enjoying daily events before the attack!

Pirates get ready to attack......

The brave cavalry arrive.. fighting begins and Pirates are eventually defeated and rounded up......

Show is enjoyed by hundreds gathered on the San Jose Playa......

Music, events, stalls and competitions for the children all weekend long.....

The Zumba show to round off the weekend......

On Stage.......me!?!?!

Packing up...... Strongman 2016 or is that a polystyrene block?!

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