San Jose to Los Escullos - Early Morning Running In Cabo de Gata Natural Park - GR92 Coastal Path

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Thursday 11 February 2016

San Jose to Los Escullos - Early Morning Running In Cabo de Gata Natural Park - GR92 Coastal Path

After enjoying an amazing run of sunny weather this past week in San Jose, we were half tempted this morning to to reconsider our planned run along the clifftop path from San Jose to nearby Los Escullos when we awoke to strong winds, clouds and light drizzle. However, after sitting outside for the first partially hidden sunrise on our bedroom balcony and realising it was still quite warm we decided to continue as planned anyway....and we are very glad we did. Setting off into the blustery morning and climbing out of San Jose to reach the viewpoint just beneath Torre Higuera we just felt so invigorated. With expansive views over the Mediterranean Sea, white horses whipped up on the waves and crashing on the rocks of this beautiful coastline it was a wonderful moment to be outside and feeling so connected with nature all around.

Resuming our running and heading westwards along the rocky track (which forms part of the GR92 trail) a hundred metres or so above the crashing sea we pushed on through the drizzle and blustery winds, feeling increasingly alive as we went.  As we ran we just felt the joy of moving our bodies and gratitude that we were able to bring us to this wonderful place. We passed secluded bays and beaches, abandoned quarries and trails and felt tiny beneath the red rock cliffs above. It was magical. This particular trail, which we hadn't visited since last year, is just so idyllic with one amazing view after another that it was almost disappointing to reach Los Escullos after a little over an hour of running. Like so many trails in Cabo de Gata, it just feels impossible to get bored no matter how many times we revisit them. Every time is unique.

Thank you especially to our friends Hayley and Marcus for making this run possible by waiting at Los Escullos for us and kindly giving us a lift back to San Jose in their motorhome Klaus.  We were so grateful and happy to get the chance to see them again after having said farewell to them last Friday before they head off from this region for more adventures.

Setting off out of San Jose and reaching the stunning viewpoint looking back over the village........

Along the clifftops.......

A smiling face greets us at the disused quarry.....

Starting the descent towards Los Escullos - the fishing village of La Isleta in sight and the Torre de Los Lobos (which we cycled to last year) on the horizon.......

Thank you Klaus for the ride home...... :-)

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