San Jose Padelday 2016 After Party - Carlene Graham and Errol Ross Perform - Wow

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Saturday 13 February 2016

San Jose Padelday 2016 After Party - Carlene Graham and Errol Ross Perform - Wow

As the clock approaches midnight (an hour we rarely see any more) we really ought to be winding down for bed, but after this evening's fiesta we're still both riding too high. We've written before about how grateful we are to have been welcomed into such a wonderful community as the one we've met here in San Jose over the past month, but tonight's party at the Botavara Bar, planned especially to follow on from Padelday 2016, has raised the bar yet again. From the moment we arrived we could feel the power and energy in the room with both new and future friends surrounding us and all bursting with joy, happiness and excitement. Everyone was riding high after the days exploits on the court, group meal and now the evening was in full swing as well. Then the entertainment came on and....well, wow. We'd been told a few times during the day to expect a great performance from Carlene Graham, but the show dazzled us much more than we could have expected.

From the moment Carlene opened her mouth it was clear that we were being treated to something extra special. Performing with her father, Errol Ross and singing both solo and duet with equal passion and power in their voices it was as though the music was singing itself through them. It was an incredible feeling as the music vibrated right through our bodies. Right from the very first number dancers hit the floor and as the evening flowed along the number of dancers grew until almost the entire bar and restaurant was jumping, swaying and swinging in time with the beat, which was diverse, ranging from reggae, rock and pop hits. 

Then something that has hardly ever happened before, at least to me anyway, took place. I started dancing as well. Having avoided dance floors for most of my life the urge to move with music took over me as well, helped along by a little cajoling from others, I found myself dancing right in the middle of the floor....and it felt great. Not that I could bring any grace or rhythm to the evening but I at least had a big smile. 

By the time the evening drew to a close and the final encore died down both Esther and I felt we had been in the presence of something special. Something that just drew us to Carlene Graham and her father who had shared their gift with the crowd and created such an uplifting and joyful mood.

Moving closer to thank them both personally the energy and love radiating off them was palpable, so to then hear from Carlene herself that she had felt our own energy as well while she had been singing was deeply moving. There was just such a special, loving and moving connection between us all in that moment that it felt as though one of the reasons for us extending our stay in San Jose had been this meeting. Meeting inspiring, gifted and soulful people like Carlene Graham and her father has become one of the reasons I love our adventures so much. People who are in touch with a deeper meaning in life, who transmit love and joy to others and who make me grateful to be in their presence.

Click here to watch her perform her latest album on YouTube.

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