Same Wonderful San Jose - New House!

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Tuesday 9 February 2016

Same Wonderful San Jose - New House!

After our initial month in the apartment, we are feeling very fortunate to be able to continue our stay in San Jose.  We are very grateful to Nina and her team at for providing such wonderful accommodation and that we are able to stay longer in this wonderful area in superb Casa.  Although it was sad to say goodbye to the little apartment which we have enjoyed immensely, especially its roof terrace, now we having a completely different experience in this luxury house.  We wanted to share a few pictures of us settling in on Sunday, partly because it is making us so happy to be here but mostly because we want to share what wonderful options are available here in San Jose over winter.

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Saying goodbye to the roof terrace with a final breakfast smoothie......

Piling in all our stuff to Homer and moving down the road ....... luckily Homer made it right to outside the door of the house........

Moving in .... wow........ what happy campers!

Once unpacked- juice on our new balcony to celebrate........ (Homer looking on in the background)

Then after a small snack off to collect the final few things from the apartment, have a quick clean around (we knew it would get professionally cleaned but never feel comfortable other people cleaning up our mess!) and then we shut the door for the final time before walking back to our new home for the month ahead......

Then before bed relishing the prospect of our first bath tub in some time........

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  1. Next to a Spanish castle? You're not giving up on motorhoming, are you? Enjoy!

  2. Hi! No not giving up motorhoming but definitely enjoying the winter break. Feel very grateful to have the option for variety and whilst really enjoying spreading are already looking forward to what our next touring adventures might have in store for us :-)


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