Our Wonderful Apartment in San Jose, Spain

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Thursday 7 January 2016

Our Wonderful Apartment in San Jose, Spain

We reflected in our recent post about our motivation for seeking an apartment for a short while and also on our gratitude that one popped into our inbox right at the moment that we had decided to do so. Arriving in San Jose, in the beautiful Cabo de Gata Natural Park that we had enjoyed so much last year, we did still feel a little nervous since we had seen only a few photos of what would be our new home for the next few weeks, but once inside we immediately felt such a positive energy that we knew we had made the right decision. Even though we have only been here 2 nights so far we can already feel it doing us a huge amount of good, revitalising us and giving us the energy we need to consider our next steps.

Also, we feel compelled to mention that for such a wonderful living space in a stunning location, it is really very inexpensive at this time of year. Last year we spent 2 months staying in a bungalow on Camping Los Escullos, reflecting then at just how amazingly cost-effective it was and how it actually saved us money overall, and now that we have settled into our apartment we have that same feeling once more. The idea of an apartment never crossed our mind last year, but the cost is on a par with the campsite based bungalows and even motorhome pitches that we've seen. Thank you to our friends Paul and Elaine of the NB Manly Ferry Blog (who are enjoying their low cost apartment stay in Mojacar) for the inspiration and a big thank you to Nina at www.sanjosespain.com for helping us find such a wonderful apartment.

Moving in - Can't believe how much stuff we'd fitted into Homer!

Our Living Room / Diner

Master Bedroom (there is another bedroom as well, very handy for all our extra stuff!)

First sunset on our roof terrace

Making a brew in the kitchen - and relishing the enormous fridge!

First evening meal on a table we don't need to pack away afterwards.

Settling in - A little more leg room than Homer

Breakfast smoothie (note the fresh haircut :) )

Homer - enjoying a well earned rest as well.

A multi-purpose roof terrace - Gym and/or office space!

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