Just Around The Matterhorn - 4 weeks of Alpine Hiking

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Thursday 5 December 2019

Just Around The Matterhorn - 4 weeks of Alpine Hiking

Dan's written another fantastic book about our Swiss hiking adventures this Summer.  Yes you might say I'm biased but really he's done an amazing job of capturing in words the incredible natural beauty we saw, the scenery,  the history and local legends of the areas we walked through, the people we met, refuges we stayed at and so much more.  "Just Around The Matterhorn" is now online and over the next 28 days I'll be posting up a few favourite photos from each day.  The photos tell some of the story but only a very small part of the adventure...  If seeing these photos leaves you wanting to know more about our travels this summer, then watch this space....

After dropping off the dogs at friends and family, we headed for Zinal, Val d'Anniviers, Switzerland, which maybe you'll know is one of our favourite places we've visited in the last 6 years.  Dusting off our hiking packs, having been 3 years since our Tour du Mont Blanc adventure - which Dan wrote about in "Turn Left At Mont Blanc"  we set off into the wilderness.

27 days and 138km later with more than 24500m uphill and downhill we arrived back at our motorhome!  Taking in Tour of the Matterhorn, Tour of Monta Rose, parts of the Tour des Combins and the Chamonix-Zermatt Walker's Haute Route.  We dangled off ladders, crossed glaciers and so so much more.... And the adventures this Summer didn't stop there.... all will be revealed in good time....

Here are just a few highlight photos .....

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