Turn Left At Mont Blanc

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Turn Left At Mont Blanc

One Couple's Inspirational, Funny & Brutally Honest Account Of Their Adventure Around Europe's Highest Mountain

Have you ever wanted to stand at the start of a long-distance hiking trail, a rucksack bulging with absolutely everything you need to stay alive in nature, and then take that first excited step?

Have you ever imagined pitching a tent at 2500 metres (8000 feet) and waking up to watch the sun rise over Europe’s highest mountain?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to spend an evening in the warm camaraderie of a mountain refuge, surrounded by nothing but high-altitude wilderness as the sun sets and stars emerge to frame the silhouettes of the mountains?

If so, then this book is for you.

Dan and Esther weren’t particularly experienced mountain walkers when they flew to Geneva with a bag full of gear, an unopened guidebook and a vague idea that they’d start by walking south, and they definitely never imagined anything like the life-changing adventure that would come next.

From one stunning viewpoint to another, from valley to col, from acts of random kindness to moments of unbelievable fortune, this was an adventure that pushed them to the limits of their bodies, their relationship and forced them to face up to some of their deepest fears.

And they got to spend a night in a real teepee!

Written in a light-hearted but direct manner, this is a funny, inspiring and brutally honest account of what it was like to head into the mountains unprepared, under-planned and over-geared and come out on the other side with a whole new outlook on life.

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