Cycling & Hiking On The Ofen Pass (Passo del Fuorn) - 2149 metres

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Thursday 9 August 2018

Cycling & Hiking On The Ofen Pass (Passo del Fuorn) - 2149 metres

At 23 km long, the cycle from Zernoz to the top of the Ofenpass, also known as the Passo del Fuorn, is far from the hardest climb we've tried this summer. With an average gradient of only around 4% it certainly sounds like a rather gentle plod, however, on the road what actually happens is a really quite hard 7 km climb, a 5 km descent and another 10 km uphill to reach the top. Still, scenically it is really very lovely. Switzerland only has one National Park (although you could argue much of Switzerland is a national park), and this climb goes right though the middle of it. It's a rare chance to see Swiss scenery as it would have been before the arrival of dam and ski lifts!

A few days after the cycle we returned to the top of the pass, this time to hike up to a nearby peak, Piz Daint at 2986 metres. The weather was bracing to say the least, but for a shortish hike to a high summit it was perfect.

In the meantime we spent a few days in the village of Zernoz, making the most of the incredible swimming pool!

Enjoy the photos.

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