Yoga In San Jose, Almeria - An Amazing Experience

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Monday 19 March 2018

Yoga In San Jose, Almeria - An Amazing Experience

Occasionally, while travelling around, we stumble upon a place, an event or a person that changes our way of life. It doesn't happen often but when it does you can't help but step back and think, "wow, I didn't see that coming, but I'm very glad it did". Well, to cut a long story short, that is pretty much how I feel now having discovered Yoga San Jose and the wonderful teacher, Olga, who has inspired and re-energised the two of us with her wonderful teaching.

To be honest, having tried a handful of fitness centre yoga classes in the past, I wasn't overly enthusiastic when Esther asked me to go along to "this amazing class" with her and her mum one evening in San Jose. Although I appreciated the value of a good stretch now and then, the thought of spending my evening in a room full of people and in mild discomfort just didn't excite me. "Why would I want to do that, when I could sit and read a book?" I thought.

But then I gave in and went along anyway, promising I'd at least try it once, and I was amazed at what I discovered. Ten minutes after arriving and I was already hooked. That was two months ago now and, along with Esther, I've been a regular attendant ever since. In fact, leaving Olga and her classes behind is one of the saddest parts about leaving San Jose now that we're on the edge of our travel north.

It's hard to fully capture quite why Olga's classes affected me (us) quite so much in a short blog post, but I have to say that it's so much more than a yoga 'class', it's a yoga experience. What she has created in her home is a cosy and calming studio with space for up to a dozen people and where she leads a class that captures not only the physical and breathing aspects of yoga, but also the meditative and spiritual aspects also. Her classes are not governed by transitions from one complicated, painful posture to another, but by breathing and gently easing into simple positions that open up the body far more. Set against a candlelit background, the scent of incense burning and varied and uplifting music, it is like nothing I have experienced. At the end of each class, after the final relaxation, I just don't want to leave.

And then, of course, there is Olga herself who is not only a wonderful teacher (speaking Spanish, English and French) but who is a kind and warm person who clearly embodies her teaching in her own way of life, as you can see from her physique and her manner, allowing guests into her home to share her wisdom and passion. As she explained, yoga has helped in her own healing and she want to pass that gift on. It has certainly inspired me and, as we do sadly depart San Jose, we have each committed to continuing a yoga practice ourselves from now on. In fact, more than that, I have even found myself studying some of the yoga sutras myself which are very powerful.

As well as the regular classes which take place at the same times each week and can be paid for as a one-off or a monthly fee for 1, 2 or 3 classes per week, which are always intimate with lots of personal attention, Olga is also happy to arrange to teach individual and small groups as well.

So, for anyone reading this who is in San Jose (or who may visit) I would strongly encourage you to get in touch with Olga and arrange to try it yourself.

Her Facebook page is at

Or you can call/WhatsApp on: 610 69 62 57

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