Hiking The Tour du Mont Blanc, GR5 and Haute Route: Our Alpine Adventure

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Wednesday 21 March 2018

Hiking The Tour du Mont Blanc, GR5 and Haute Route: Our Alpine Adventure

When we set off, in July 2016, to hike for a month through the French and Swiss Alps we had no real plan in mind. In early 2014 we'd been due to get married, leave our jobs and set off on a 2300km honeymoon-hike. It was supposed to be a career break, a relationship boost and a much needed big life reset all rolled into one...and then Dan nearly died. Two years later and we were back and ready to try life in the mountains, living out of rucksacks and sleeping under the stars. This is the adventure that followed.

Taking in portions of the GR5, the entire Tour du Mont Blanc and the Chamonix-to-Zermatt Walkers Haute Route, our unplanned month in the mountains turned out to be far more than just a long walk in the hills. For reasons we never could have expected it became a life-changing adventure that pushed us to the limits of our bodies, our relationship, and forced us to face up to some of their deepest fears.

I kept a daily diary along the way and always intended to write a summary of the overall adventure. Eventually, that summary turned into our first travel book!

I hope you enjoy it,

All feedback and reviews are welcome.


p.s. I expect the next book will have more dogs in it!

...and here are some of our favourite pictures from the hike.

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