Egypt! What Can I Say?

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Wednesday 7 September 2016

Egypt! What Can I Say?

Sitting, reflecting and resting on the outskirts of Venice after our 2 week Egyptian odyssey it's hard to know what to write. It was a trip like no other we had ever taken and not only because of the 5 star luxury of the accommodation and the according cost. Rather it was a trip so full of unexpected gifts and also unexpected and complex challenges that trying to capture everything in a concise yet comprehensive blog post after just a few days of reflection just doesn't feel I've decided not to try.

Perhaps in the future I will feel ready to write more about the wonderful, kind and warm hearted people we spent our time with, the uplifting conversations we had and the stunning, ancient art and temples we saw in such abundance yet simultaneously struggling with our first experience of large group travel and exhaustion from the gruelling itinerary and corresponding compromises to our self care routines (particularly around food and sleep affecting my incontinence management). Or the internal conflict we felt to be travelling in such insulated luxury while passing through apparently abject poverty and the desperation of the local vendors clamouring to sell their wares to the few tourists they occasionally see since the revolution of 2011, at times reducing us to tears.

As I said, I really don't want to go into too much detail as without more time to reflect I know I won't manage to capture the lessons we are starting to draw from our experience. So instead I will restrict myself to sharing a few photos below and links to our Egypt photo albums. We will also post a few more via Instagram over the coming days.

Over the next few days we plan to our our feet up and rest as much as we can, maybe taking stroll through nearby Venice as well. After such a hectic time, lack of sleep, unfamiliar meal times and the corresponding personal challenges that bought we are very tired with Esther on the verge of her first major ME relapse in several years which we can't afford to ignore.

That said we remain incredibly grateful to have had this experience, knowing it has changed us as people, giving us lots to think about and process for our future. Plus we have met some wonderful people that have inspired and guided us along our way.

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