Alpine Adventure Day 29 - Farewell Val d'Anniviers

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Tuesday 23 August 2016

Alpine Adventure Day 29 - Farewell Val d'Anniviers

Our last day waking up in the Val d'Anniviers (for at least a while, we definitely want to come back again) and we both had the same idea how we wanted to spend our time. With a mid-afternoon bus to catch, bags to pack and an apartment to clean we knew we had some free time in hand, but not so much we could go off hiking again. So instead we both formed the plan of a morning jaunt up to the Corne de Sorebois instead.

This point of rock that divides and forks the Val d'Anniviers into the adjacent Val de Moiry and the Val de Zinal stands tall at just under 3000m...and with the Liberte pass giving us a free ride up to 2700m from just outside our back door we thought it was a great place to say farewell.

Which is why by 9.30 this morning we were sat all by ourselves on a tip of rock and enjoying marvellous views of the many places we had visited in the Val d'Anniviers, both on this trip and previous ones as well. Even the overcast sky couldn't dampen the view and with quite a warm, still day it wasn't even chilly.

We headed back down the 1030 cable car and pottered around the apartment, packing a few things before an early lunch and then afterwards finished the job of cleaning and packing. It really didn't take very long. Hiking with just one bag tends to foster and organised approach to life and we had few things to pack anyway...but as we had enjoyed such a marvellous time in Shirley and Robins beautiful apartment we also wanted to make sure we returned it back to the same professionally cleaned state we had of course found it in. Working together it took about 90 minutes to wipe, mop, hoover, fold and dust and shortly after 3 we were ready to go.

Our bus was due at quarter to four so we handed in the keys and headed to the stop closest to the mini golf. There was a closer stop to the apartment but Esther couldn't resist knocking in a few more putts before we left. I was happy to be official camera man although I may not be asked again as I entirely failed to capture her hole in one on her first shot!

And the rest of the day is now history. A bus out of the valley, a train to Geneva and now a very nice hotel room a few hundred metres from where we will take off tomorrow en route to scorching hot Cairo!

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