Alpine Adventure Day 23 - Cable Cars, Mini Golf and Sacks of Potatoes

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Wednesday 17 August 2016

Alpine Adventure Day 23 - Cable Cars, Mini Golf and Sacks of Potatoes

No matter how many times we seem to catch ourselves having done too much, there is still a part of us that seems ever willing and able to 'push on' that little bit more. We felt grateful today, therefore, that we did manage to catch ourselves a little sooner before we overdid it once more.

In our excitement at making the decision to come to Val d'Anniviers and with the thought in our minds that we'd only just had both a rest day AND a travelling day getting here we both automatically had been planning all of the hikes we'd try, things we'd do and places we'd visit during our week here. Having been here for several weeks before we knew how many things there were to do and how most of them are free with the incredible Liberte pass, so had done a few mental sums to weigh up how many hikes, trail runs, swimming pool visits and bus rides we could fit in.

That was until we both woke up feeling like sacks of potatoes! A few days ago I reflected how our activity and energy may have been quite adrenalin fuelled but I don't think I had quite realised the extent. Waking up in the incredibly comfy bed after a solid nights sleep our action plans seems to somewhat evaporate as we found ourselves instead reading, sitting and writing. And do you know felt awesome.

Not that we didn't nearly still slip into our action habits, as by mid morning our egos were getting edgy because it was a beautiful clear day and the forecast didn't look so good for the end of the week. So we planned out a quick cable car ride to the Corné du Sorebois, a walk to the Zinal cable car, a swim in the pool there and a bus ride home. Perhaps even a mini golf in Zinal....nothing in comparison to what we had been doing and so straightforward we thought.

Yet the moment we boarded the crowded cable car, which was incredibly scenic and FREE with the Liberte pass we knew it felt a bit too busy. Thankfully then we decided at the top to knock the whole swimming plan on the head and just lie in the sun looking at snow capped 4000m summits, of which there are 5 visible from this valley.

I'm conscious writing this that it all does sound a little schizophrenic how we can feel exhausted and driven to be active at the same time....but it is something we have both been aware of for some time. What it also means is that when we do have the wherewithal to stop ourselves overdoing it and just let our bodies recover from the previous adventures then we feel brilliantly grateful for schemes like the Liberte pass that make so much beauty accessible without having to hike up 2000m. Also, with under a week now until we head off for a fortnight in Egypt on a trip like nothing we have ever done before and which also cost us a lot, we can't ignore the fact that if we had arrived in Cairo next Monday in the condition we felt in this morning we'd be liable to nod off in a pyramid!

We headed back down mid afternoon and did some more writing before an over large dinner (another sign were more tired than we admitted to ourselves) and some evening mini golf. I won't say who won as to be honest I'm not sure since I forgot to write down the score for one of the holes and I could work out which one!

After that it was back home for a movie lying in this sofa. Hard to believe that 2 nights ago we were stargazing in the wild, yet at the same time I know that we are in exactly the right place right now for what we need.

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