Why We're Supporting The Anthony Robbins Foundation

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Wednesday 27 January 2016

Why We're Supporting The Anthony Robbins Foundation

We first learned about some of the work that Tony Robbins did during an online conference he took part in called the 'Food Revolution Summit'. The event was hosted by another author whose work we had found immensely moving, John Robbins. During his short, 40 minute interview in the Food Revolution summit, he spoke about his Food Basket programme and some of the other outreach work his Foundation did with often overlooked groups in society and we felt inspired to find out more. Since then we've enjoyed more of Tony Robbins work, especially on communication and relationships and been inspired by his dedication to his Foundation to learn more about the valuable work it does.

This year we have decided to personally donate to the Anthony Robbins Foundation, along with several other charities.  One of the reasons for this is because on our travels, whilst we have visited some very beautiful places, we are also increasing seeing for ourselves marginalised and forgotten groups in society living in very difficult conditions. Currently near where we are staying in Spain there are many many agricultural workers (mainly tomato pickers) living in terrible conditions in plastic shanty towns next to the vast expanses of Polytunnel grow tents.  We want to support people like Tony Robbins who are using their success and influence on the world stage to give a voice and raise awareness of those who are often overlooked.

We would like to ask that if you have enjoyed or found useful any of the content or articles on our blog and you feel moved to say thank you in some way, we'd really appreciate it if you'd consider donating the price of a cup of tea (or more if you like) to one of the charities we are supporting. (Donation links direct to the charity websites).

Click here to make a donation to the Anthony Robbins Foundation

The work Tony Robbins is involved in spans many fields and at first it's easy to think he's 'only' some sort of self-help guru, especially as some of his work focuses on money or getting 'what you want in life' which in the past we might have found off-putting. However, the more we have encountered his work while following our own life journey the more we have seen that his message is very consistent across all of his projects; namely 'you only get out of life what you are prepared to give' and that the 'quality of your life is the quality of your communication'. Both messages we are increasingly learning ourselves. We feel that everything he does is underpinned with a community minded spirit of selfless giving - asking yourself in every situation, business or personal, not what can I 'get' from but what can I offer the person standing in front of me?

The story behind his Foundation is also equally uplifting.  When he was younger, a stranger came and gave him and his family a Thanksgiving meal when they had no food on the table.  The kindness of that stranger at a time when it was really needed in his life, Tony says inspired him to dedicate himself through his work in order to be able to do the same for as many others as he could. The Foundation started out as Tony Robbins personal effort to provide meals to hungry families and has expanded to now offer community focused projects all over the world, especially with groups often overlooked or shunned in modern society such as youth, prisoners, homeless, elderly or disabled. Tony Robbins also works to promote the importance and benefits of following a mostly raw, whole-foods plant based diet for not only increased personal health & wellbeing but also sustainability and environmental reasons. Click here to read more about how the Foundation was started or here to read more about their mission

We could write more, but there is a lot of information on the Foundation website and plenty of videos on YouTube where you can listen to Tony Robbins himself, like this one below.

Click here to read about more programs run by the Anthony Robbins Foundation

If you aren't familiar with Tony Robbins motivational work - check out his very popular TED talk.

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