Our Final Sunrise Of 2015 - Magical Moments Over The Mediterranean Sea

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Thursday 31 December 2015

Our Final Sunrise Of 2015 - Magical Moments Over The Mediterranean Sea

There is very little words can say to add to the beautiful pictures of this mornings sunrise over the Mediterranean from our vantage point a little south of Valencia. Our unplanned witnessing of this awesome event came about quite by chance, as we both awoke unexpectedly early and saw the clear horizon just starting to glow yellow. The next hour, standing together on the cold sand by the sea with the gentle waves lapping quietly next to us, unfolded as a calm yet blissful long moment. The perfect way to say farewell to 2015.

"Are you awake?"...."Yes, are you?"...."Yes, have you seen the sea?"...."Oh, wow..." That's pretty much how the day began. During our previous 9 mornings in this quiet car park by the sand we've tended to wake around sunrise, but due to clouds on the horizon have normally seen the sun a little later on as the clouds have gradually drifted away. Today, however, we were very happy to find the sky clear and crisp in the east where the soft yellow glow of the sun was just starting to dawn but still a long way from cresting the horizon.

Dressing quickly we walked out onto the nearby sand and stood transfixed. It wasn't only the amazing colours, ever changing as they reflected from the scattered clouds, but the contrast of scenes on display. In the east above the remarkably calm sea the sunrise was unfolding, while to the west night was still vividly clinging on with dozens of stars still  visible and the half moon still brightly luminous in the dark blue sky. Looking north we could see the countless bright lights of Valencia and the awakening hustle and bustle of urban life, while to the south the outline of mountains by the sea was picked out against the sky. 4 directions and 4 very different images, all changing constantly as the sun continued to dawn. Even the clouds themselves, acting as mirrors for the still hiding sun, were shifting and building inland into pink, candlyfloss towers that blocked out the fading moon. Then, after the long and gentle build up the sun appeared swiftly, boiling up from the distant horizon and confirming the new day in this part of the globe.

In terms of the sunrise and the colours themselves, my words could never do justice to the beauty we witnessed on the beach this morning. Even the photos fall short, unable to capture the vastness of the experience, but still doing a much better job than my words can.

On this final day of 2015, after what has been for us a very different emotional, physical and spiritual journey, we feel very blessed to have had the experience we had this morning.

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