Christmas Candles Light Up 'Homer' Our Motorhome!

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Thursday 24 December 2015

Christmas Candles Light Up 'Homer' Our Motorhome!

Based on the huge number of Christmas festive candles that we found in the Dutch charity shops when we were in Holland recently, it seems that very few people have the heart to set fire to novelty candles.  We have to admit that we have several of our own stored in our friend Barry's attic!  However even though our new travelling friends had been given names, it didn't stop Dan setting fire to 'Norman' this evening!  It drew quite a crowd.  Other people open one selected present on Christmas eve but we executed one Christmas candle.  Merry Christmas Eve!

He actually set fire to him!

Bye Bye 'Norman'!

Norman was quite surprised!

Terrified onlookers contemplate their own prospects!

It gathers quite a crowd!

Merry Christmas Eve! xxx

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