Farewell to Cabo de Gata -Nijar Natural Park - Motorhome Adventurers Back on the Road

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Thursday 26 February 2015

Farewell to Cabo de Gata -Nijar Natural Park - Motorhome Adventurers Back on the Road

I've always liked to think that when you leave somewhere you've enjoyed any sadness you feel isn't just that you'll miss the place itself but also that you'll miss the person you are right at that moment. After 2 months of rest, relaxation and sunshine at Camping Los Escullos in the Cabo de Gata natural park, today we have moved back into "Homer", our motorhome, and are driving off into the sunset once more. While on the one hand we feel hugely excited about what lies ahead, feeling refreshed and invigorated by our long period of "growing temporary roots", on the other hand there is definitely a sadness as well. The peaceful, tranquil setting of the Cabo de Gata natural park has been perfect for us, offering just what we needed through the colder months of winter and also many activities as well. So, as we start our engine once more we wanted to pause and reflect on how it feels to say farewell and get back on the road.

Part of the fun and enjoyment of Cabo de Gata natural park has been the many different activities and excursions we've been able to enjoy. Over the past few days we've published a few posts summarising all the things we love most about the Cabo de Gata natural park. We've written about all the hiking routes that we've enjoyed, all the activities and excursions that we've taken and, most importantly, our top reasons why we would recommend this area to fellow adventurers in search of an oasis of calm.

Then, of course, there has been the added benefit and comfort of campsite life and especially our spacious (cost-effective) bungalow base! Having access to a shower that is always hot when we want it to be, a larger fridge, an actual double bed and even a gym has been a real treat. (Read our best and worst things about staying on a campsite and about how our bungalow deal actually saved us money). And although we were away from family and friends, the relative luxury and Skype connection allowed us to enjoy a very happy and festive Christmas and New Year together on the road.  Plus we were adopted by the campsite cat which has given us animal companionship most evenings (we named him 'Felix').

But the truth is that it is not the outdoor activities, excursions and creature comforts (although they have been wonderful) that we're going to miss the most about our stay in Cabo de Gata natural park.  The source of our sadness at saying farewell is much less tangible.

This past 2 months has been our first experience settling into a campsite community for more than a few days. Being able to relax into the company of so many varied, kind but also like-minded people seeking adventure and a different way of life has been a special experience. We've played paddle-tennis, Norwegian skittles, attended barbecues, shared dinner, shared day trips, shared stories and laughed a lot as well. Being surrounded by other couples and families who are also touring and choosing a different way of life away from their conventional careers back home for at least a while has been really uplifting and encouraging for us, especially as we've occasionally felt uncertain and 'alternative' by choosing to take a long adventure this year.

In addition to the campsite community we've become part of, hosting our first family visit during our adventure was also a unique experience that will always be linked with our memories of Cabo de Gata. Sharing our adventure with Esther's parents for 2 weeks in early January, seeing the thrill in their eyes at some of our own favourite sights and places here really enhanced the experience for us and created unforgettable, happy memories.

Looking back today as we drive away, it is the camaraderie, community spirit and special family memories (and also the companionship of Felix) combined with the isolated, calm setting of this magnificent natural park, that we will really miss the most and that we are sad to be leaving behind.

However, any sadness we feel today at saying farewell is easily balanced by the excitement and thrill of being back on the road. Although (as we've written) we feel it is very important to occasionally grow some temporary roots, today we feel as though we are starting out on an entirely new adventure all over again! Packing up our motorhome over the past few days, refilling the cupboards with our few possessions, dusting worktops and remounting the bikes has all added to the mounting excitement we've felt as the reality of departing our 'stable base' once more and seeing where the road takes us getting closer and closer.

On reflection, I think that after 8 months of continuous touring we had partly gotten used to the uncertainty and excitement of not knowing exactly where we were going or what we would see. It was always great, but had slowly become our 'way of life' as our travelling mindset became more seasoned. But as that familiarity with uncertainty has slowly faded during our winter stay, today we feel that same buzz we felt 10 months ago when we first set out!

Today, as "Homer" and us begin the journey back towards the north it is with big smiles on our faces, the tiny flutter of butterflies in our stomachs and a deep sensation of that travelling buzz once again. We really don't know what lies ahead as we journey north but we can't wait to find out and it is this feeling that proves what we have felt all along, that the change was much better than a rest.

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