Leaving Durham

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Thursday 8 May 2014

Leaving Durham

Having moved into our motorhome on the day we left the flat (April 17th), we've already spent 3 weeks living in it without actually getting to enjoy the "motor" part of our new home. It has been a bit different still commuting to work but coming home to the motorhome each evening instead of a nice spacious flat. However, we had a lot of fun spending time with friends and out and about in Durham. Besides, the motorhome is a very cosy place to spend an evening and there is definitely a lot less housework. Plus for the first time in 8 years we own our own television, having not had one in the flat since moving to Durham.

In addition to the change of living in the motorhome we've also been getting used to not having the car which we sold on the same day that we'd collected the motorhome in early April. This means that in the past month or so while getting ready to move out of the flat we did have to use the motorhome as a highly impractical run around to help us prepare for our trip, collect things, move boxes to Barry's, visit the bunnies etc. but it did mean we got a lot of experience driving the van in traffic.

But yesterday was the day that changed and we started to enjoy the mobile part of motorhome living. Having finished work at Newcastle University last week it is finally time to say goodbye to Herons Court and the driveway of our very generous friends that we'd been calling home. Having spent the morning having fun with our friends at number 20, a few final letters posted and loading all of the belongings that we're delivering to family and friends further south we said goodbye to Durham shortly after lunchtime.

Next stop Nottingham to see my family, then a Bushcraft day in Derbyshire, followed by visits to Birmingham, Banbury, Oxford and Aylesbury before heading towards the coast to skip the country.

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