Cycling The Flüela Pass (2383 metres) - Both Sides

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Sunday 5 August 2018

Cycling The Flüela Pass (2383 metres) - Both Sides

Starting in the busy and well known ski resort of Davos, the 2383 metre high Fluela Pass was the next on our list of Swiss mountain passes we wanted to cycle and drive our motorhome over, for no better reason really than it was ‘high’ and it seemed to form part of an extended loop we had mapped out in our heads.

The western cycle ride, from Davos, is 13 km long with an average gradient of 6.4%, and out on the road doesn't feel too difficult. There are some longish sections which don't feel very steep at all, although it is harder near the top.

The eastern approach, from Susch, is noticeably steeper. It is also 13 km long but at 7.4% it feels much harder than an extra one percent would indicate. The opening switchbacks and some of the middle sections are especially trying on the legs.

In terms of scenery, however, both sides are interesting and pleasant enough. There are also some places where motorhomes seem tolerated at night. We spent 3 nights sleeping in various parking areas on the pass, always with other motorhomes for company.  We also found some lovely places for walking the gang and even enjoyed a quite peaceful rest day in a car park close to Davos.

That said, a few days later we spoke to a tourist office member of staff who told us her husband was a police officer who occasionally drove over the pass solely to catch and fine overnighting motorhomers! So, perhaps, we were actually just lucky! Beware overnight places that you find online!

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