Camping de la Cazine - A Wonderfully Peaceful Camping In The Heart Of France

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Saturday 30 June 2018

Camping de la Cazine - A Wonderfully Peaceful Camping In The Heart Of France

In my last post I mentioned that I had to leave Esther in the middle of France while I tore back to the UK to get the MOT done on our motorhome. At first we were unsure where the best place to park her would be. A cheap hotel room that allowed dogs? A larger gite? In the end, however, we settled on a chalet on a campsite, and what a chalet we managed to find! It was brilliant, plus the hosts at Camping de la Cazine in Noth (just north of Limoges) were so helpful and friendly that I wanted to say a few words about their facilities here.

Arriving at the campsite, the location was just what we wanted, a secluded and very quiet place out in the countryside alongside a peaceful fishing lake. A handful of chalets were dotted around, shaded by trees, with camping pitches ringed around the outside of the camping and a swimming pool off to one side. Unlike the larger, activity focused campings we've visited in the past, we immediately felt this was an ideal place for a more sedate stay. Perfect. 

That said, a quick glance at the camping website or Facebook page reveals an abundance of activities, places of interest and festivals in the local area, not to mention the hiking, cycling, fishing, archery, soft play, baby gym.....organised on the camping itself. 

The friendly staff showed us the way to our particular chalet and I was immediately very happy that we'd reserved here. The chalet was simple, immaculately clean and comfortably furnished with soft mattresses and everything else Esther would need for her stay while I was away in the UK. We'd been upfront (naturally) about the fact we were travelling with dogs and the camping were entirely accommodating about it.

The stay itself turned out to be everything we expected when we arrived, quiet and peaceful. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets bookmarked the days. A handful of other campers and families came and went, everyone was friendly and by nightfall the only sound was the crickets chirruping in the grass. 

Which is why, if you're looking for a campsite in the centre of France, near Limoges, for a night or a longer stay, I'd recommend taking a look at  Camping de la Cazine

p.s. We originally found the camping through a intermediary website, but got a slightly better contacting the campsite directly.

(Pictures from their website).

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