Hiking From Bendolla to La Brinta (2659m) Over Roc d'Orzival (2816m)

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Friday 28 October 2016

Hiking From Bendolla to La Brinta (2659m) Over Roc d'Orzival (2816m)

Wow. After multiple visits to the Val d'Anniviers and many, many days of hiking we were amazed to discover such a fantastic route we were yet to try. I really cannot say just how fantastic this route from the Bendolla cable car station, over Roc d'Orzival and then following the sharp ridge towards La Brinta was. A little hairy in places certainly, but with stunning views over the entire Val d'Anniviers and the secluded, car free Vallon de Rechy it was a grand day out.

I've no doubt the pictures below tell the story of the hike better than I can. Practically the route took us just over 5 hours. The initial climb to Roc d'Orzival (2816m) from Bendolla a little under 2 hours going very steadily. From there we continued on pretty much straight over the col to walk the undulating ridge. There was some snow on the path when we did the walk in mid October, and the path was narrow in many places with steep slopes to one side. But the reward was amazing views.

We reached La Brinta (2659m) after about 3 and half hours total walking. This was the most difficult part with some very long, sheer drops and some chain sections.

After that the descent last Alpage de la Rauja and then Alpage d'Orzival was easy going, a little forest, a dirt track and some more forest carried us back to Grimentz after around 5 hours of walking.

Definitely a walk we plan to repeat on our next visit to Val d'Anniviers.

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