Alpine Hiking Adventure TMB Day 15 - La Fouly to Champex

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Tuesday 9 August 2016

Alpine Hiking Adventure TMB Day 15 - La Fouly to Champex

Today has been a challenging day, but not due to the hiking this time. On paper today was one of the easier stages of the TMB. A 4-5 hour hike with just 500m of descending and an equal amount of ascent to travel between La Fouly and Champex. Yet once again we have had to catch ourselves as we drifted away from our self care and found ourselves at loggerheads with each other.

The previous days since our rest day have been jammed full with new experiences (especially interacting with lots of people as on the GR5 we hardly spoke to anyone), long long hikes, hot weather and challenging circumstances, yet we have risen to them and usually enjoyed the challenge or at least appreciated the lessons we could take from them. But today we realised it had come at a price. Downtime, relaxation, journalling, stretching, meditation, yoga...all the things we know support and help us thrive have drifted out of our days once more even after we had recommitted to them on our rest day just a week ago.

Friction between us this morning was the warning bell that we had been overdoing it and as we talked and wrote to each other to try and work through the tension morning drifted to afternoon. We know it was the tiredness causing the friction, we just aren't letting our batteries recharge enough each day. We're still not 100% sure how we are going to make sure we retain a more healthful balance in our days, but we both agree that on such a long hike that early starts and long, long days can't keep taking precedent over our life stabilising routines day after day.

We did start walking around 3pm and the going was easy and downhill for several hours, but after the energy used up in the morning we opted to take a short bus ride up the final climb to our campsite base in Champex. It was definitely the right decision. In the past we probably would have made ourselves 'push on' up the 400m climb, but as we sat eating dinner at a reasonable time and talking with the same friends we had passed last night with we knew we had made the right choice.

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