Alpine Hiking Adventure TMB Day 11 -Refuge Croix Due Bonhomme to Val Vent Campsite

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Friday 5 August 2016

Alpine Hiking Adventure TMB Day 11 -Refuge Croix Due Bonhomme to Val Vent Campsite

So today started on a new high, literally, as we crossed the 2665m Col de Fours to seta new altitude maximum for our home so far. The air had been very cold when we woke in our tent 2400m at 6am, but thankfully the nearby refuge gave me a good place to irrigate for the day ahead and by the time we had sat and enjoyed our breakfast tomatoes and cucumber the sun was well up in the sky. We may be forgoing the coffee, bread and jam on offer in the refuge by choice, but we feel much better for it.

The route today was visually stunning. The descent from Col de Fours was technical and hard, but the valley below that we then ascended out of to reach the Col de la Seigne was superb. It was here at 2516m that we officially crossed into Italy.

From here we descended once more, taking in glaciers on the slopes above as we passed Refuge Soldini and then to the tranquil Lac de Combal. From here we faced a choice, climb again and maybe find a wild camp spot or get to  Courmayeur late, or leave the TMB a while to go to a campsite in Val Veni. With my stomach feeling unsettled, this is what we chose.

And as we arrived to find fresh fruit for sale at the camping it may well be we made the right choice. Currently I'm sat here feeling well satisfied after melon, peaches, peppers, tomatoes and an amazing broth of vegetables, millet and lentils in a comfortable communal room. Still not sure what tomorrow holds as the downside to our choice is we are somewhat betwixt and between stages and accommodation options, so fingers crossed we work something out.

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  1. Chris and Peter (Belgian Beauty, our moho, not us;-))6 August 2016 at 10:09

    Crossing my fingers for you, always!! Great what you are doing!


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