Nostalgic Tour of Durham On Foot - Running The Old Haunts

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Friday 8 April 2016

Nostalgic Tour of Durham On Foot - Running The Old Haunts

As we arrived so late into Durham and our hire car didn't need to be returned until 3.30pm we decided to take it a little easier in the morning.  We unloaded the car and were surprised just how easily our flat absorbed the possessions from our motorhome life.  We've not really unpacked, just stacked up the boxes in the cupboards, (we've chosen to leave things in the boxes and tubs that they were in in the motorhome) and there's still so much space left.  Whilst we still have some of our stuff to declutter from our friend Barry's attic whilst we are in Durham - there's nothing like coming back to your home after 2 years of motorhome adventures to show you how little stuff you actually need!  Anyway needing some fresh air after the previous long day in the car, we slipped on our running gear - with a few extra layers, gloves and rainproofs - and took a scenic route back from dropping off the hire car.  We passed our old places of work, places we'd live and got some great views of the Cathedral and this wonderful city.  Not only was it refreshing to move our bodies and get outside, but we grateful to be back in Durham again.  With fresh eyes it made us feel like we were seeing and appreciating the place for the first time all over again.

Below are some photos of our run around Durham.  Starting out..... first step return hire car....  But first whilst we have some wheels but by our good friend's Barry and Yulia for a quick hug and hello.... It was wonderful to be welcomed back so warmly.

Setting off from Neville's Cross to Cock O' North (yes that's what it's really called!) .........

Down passed Ustinov College - Dan's postgraduate college - and over towards Mount Joy - apparently as I have always been told - it was named the mount of 'joy' because of how joyful the monks, who were carrying the remains of St Cuthbert from Holy Island of Lindisfarne, were when from this mount they could see the place where they could resettle, build what is now Durham Cathedral and place St Cuthbert's remains to rest..... well that's the story I know, please do comment and correct me if you know a different version.   Less historic is Mount Joy Research Centre Block 4 - where we've both spent a lot of time for work.  I first spent time there working on my postgraduate research project and later when Dan and I had an idea to start a network connecting early career researcher, our small team were based in an office here.  Felt very strange to have been back in Durham less than 24hours and taking this route down memory lane!

Along passed the University Science campus and the Chemistry department where Dan spent his PhD days......

Along passed the University Maiden Castle Sport Centre and Grounds, where in our student days we'd trained with the rowing, cycling and triathlon teams, and where, when I'd retrained, I'd spent a lot of time working the 2 years before setting off on our travels....

Running down to and along the river banks of the River Wear brought back happy memories of rowing and summer regattas as well as previous Park Runs which when we were here last would finish along the stretch by the cricket grounds and bandstand.  It gives such lovely views of the Cathedral.....

We crossed the river and enjoying being out and about on foot, we went along the other bank and up towards Gilesgate.  There's a very steep section here and well... at least it's very short but it did make us think we might have start training a little bit more to be ready to explore the mountains agains in Summertime!  But it was lovely to jog along the fields with views back over the city centre, the Cathedral and the surrounding County Durham countryside ......


Then home to get fed and clean .... our flat has a bath ... hooray! 

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