A Family Wedding in Nottingham - Congratulations Chris & Faye Colegate

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Saturday 26 March 2016

A Family Wedding in Nottingham - Congratulations Chris & Faye Colegate

Wow, what an amazing event. Wedding Day finally here..... Although we had decided to squeeze in a few more events and practicalities while we're here (like selling Homer unexpectedly) our real reason to be back in Britain this month was to see my brother Chris get married to his fiancée Faye this week. We were feeling very excited and intrigued as we drove north to my childhood city of Nottingham, feeling a little strange in a car instead of van, as we knew so little about what was planned for the festivities so we were really dazzled by the events that unfolded on what was a wonderful, emotional and fun afternoon.  It was great to see family and friends all united by this happy event, having so much fun and making memories together.

We had originally planned to be staying in Homer for the wedding, but now that Homer has moved on to new adventures, we found ourselves based in a very comfortable Travelodge room for a couple of nights instead.  (We want to give a mention to Ryan who checked us in - after a long drive and arriving late his extremely warm welcome really wonderful).  On the way to the Travelodge we'd stopped off to see my grandparents, who I'd not seen since I flew back in November.  It was really lovely to see them again.  Then we were very grateful to my dad for coming over to drop off the handful of smart clothes we'd left with him 2 years beforehand ready for the big day. We were a little stressed when it turned out certain items didn't fit anymore and since there are certain smart clothing things you just don't need living in a motorhome, the next morning after a very early morning run around Wollaton Park, we did have a mad morning dash around the charity shops of Beeston looking for some bits before we got dressed up, but we made it in the end.

Just after mid-day, rolling in on the bus looking smart (for the second time in one week!) it felt good to see my old home city once again and very nice to get a chance to see my brother, Chris, before the event, enjoying some Dutch courage in a nearby pub with the best man and both looking incredible, like they'd stepped out of a bespoke tailors catalogue.

The venue for the service was the very grand Nottingham town hall, which I'd never been in before. There were almost 100 friends and family there for the service, including Chris and Faye's son (my nephew) Dexter also looking very dapper in a suit to match his dad! It was lovely to catch up with all the family before the ceremony started - especially seeing my youngest brother, Mike, his wife Harriet and my niece Edith - looking lovely as a flower girl in a special dress to match the bridesmaids!

Faye looked amazing in her wedding dress and wearing an enormous smile that really lit up the whole room. The ceremony was really touching and in what seemed like no time at all they were married.

After more photos on the stairs of the County Hall, Chris and his new wife, Mrs Faye Colegate enjoyed a car ride with celebratory champagne around town, whilst the rest of us made the short walk to the reception venue.

The reception at The Malt Cross was equally lovely.  Chris told us that when him and Faye decided to get married, it was the first and only venue that they really wanted.  It was a really fascinating venue, an old Grade II listed music hall, the last one now standing in the city and run as a charity so all profits go to community projects. Speaking to the organiser, John, later that night he explained that in addition to preserving the heritage of the building, including the sandstone caves, the busy schedule of music and arts projects, they had a separate area where Street Pastors, led by church volunteers, care for and protect anyone in need on Friday and Saturday evenings on the streets of Nottingham.  It was a really unique space and one that really made the day very special indeed.

After arriving at The Malt Cross, there were drinks and photograph and time to catch up with old friends before sitting down for dinner.

Once everyone was seated but before the food came out we got to enjoy three wonderful, emotional as well as informative(!) speeches from Tony, Faye's Step Dad, Chris and Mark (Corf) - the best man.  I'm not sure about what I can say about these but they were brilliant.  

We were really touched by Chris and Faye's thoughtful organisation of food on our behalves.  On the tables were snacks for everyone and for us, Faye had taken the time to fill our box with raw bites and a selection of nuts.  In addition, while everyone else was enjoying a hearty BBQ's meaty feast, they'd organised that the chef make us a special plant-based, whole food dish just for us which was incredibly thoughtful.  It was wonderful and quite unique.  We might make it for people in the future because we enjoyed it so much.  Pudding for everyone else was really fun with a huge range of homemade cakes which many family and friends had made for the occasion being served.  My Nana's Kunzel cake went down especially well.  The organiser, John, realising that we couldn't eat the cakes, sent out someone especially to fetch us some berries for our dessert - which was really touching.

After food, there was more time for catching up with loads of family and old friends all enjoying the atmosphere the day seemed to fly by and before we knew it the sky was dark and the band were starting up as more evening guests arrived. The music was great and the dance floor was soon filling up.

I must admit that after so long in the motorhome going to bed not long after dark we were flagging a bit as the hours passed.  It was lovely though seeing everyone having such a great time - all the smiles and laughter and love in the air.  The dance floor was bouncing and we were so incredibly happy for Chris and Faye.

We slipped away a little before 11 after lots of hugs, kisses and goodbyes.  It had been a very long and eventful journey from Spain in just a little over a week, to make it to the wedding, but sitting on the late bus back to our Travelodge room we felt very grateful to have been there.

All our love and very best wishes to Chris and Faye for a long, happy and healthy married life together with their son Dexter (and any other future Colegates!) xxx

Click here for all our photos from the day


  1. Oh what a day! You must have enjoyed that special day! And ... A bit strange to see you both in smart clothes, twice in a week... But you looked fabulous!
    Thanks for your reaction to my previous post. I appreciate your taking the time for that!

    1. Yes, it was a great day seeing my younger brother get married but yes a bit strange to be dressed up smart twice in one week! We're really glad that you are enjoying our blog posts and thanks for taking the time to comment - we like hearing from you! Hope your own touring plans are progressing.


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