Why We Are Supporting The Bladder And Bowel Foundation

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Wednesday 2 March 2016

Why We Are Supporting The Bladder And Bowel Foundation

The Bladder and Bowel Foundation (B&BF) is the UK wide charity for people with bladder and bowel control problems. The B&BF provides information and support services, including a confidential helpline, for anyone affected by these conditions as well as their families, carers and healthcare professionals.  As I (Dan) have been living with bowel incontinence since birth and have only relatively recently sought help and also found great comfort in writing about my experiences, this is a cause that is especially close to our hearts.

Click here to visit The Bladder and Bowel Foundation website and donate

Click here to read more about my (Dan) personal story

There are an estimated 14 million people in the UK with a bladder control problem and 6.5 million with a bowel control problem but only a tiny fraction of those ever reach out and ask for help because they are embarrassed to do so, making the work of the B&BF vital to potentially huge numbers of people. The charity's mission is to inspire change and create opportunities that enable people with bladder and bowel control problems to have a voice and equal choice.

Certainly for me this was the case. When I first reached out for help with my own bowel incontinence after almost 30 years of hiding it, I received advice and feedback via the B&BF website (my partner had seen their sticker on a service station toilet door) that was ultimately instrumental in finding the treatment option I used today. Without the B&BF my treatment and my own outcomes could have been very different now.

Their work is aimed at making a real difference to the lives of those affected by bladder and bowel control problems and delivering the kind of services that will meet the needs of those people affected by these issues, including:
  • Raising awareness of bladder and bowel control problems amongst the general public and healthcare professionals
  • Providing access to information and support regarding the treatments, products and services for people with these conditions.
  • Working in partnership with other charities and professional organisations in the field to ensure that everyone who needs help and support gets free access to all the services that are available.
  • Providing information and support regarding treatments, products and clinical services so that people with these conditions are then able to make an educated and informed choice about their care.
  • Working with researchers to improve treatments and design innovative products for bladder and bowel disorders. 
The work of the B&BF is potentially life changing to so many people. Their website is packed full with useful resources if you want to know more about them or bladder and bowel problems. 

We would like to ask that if you have enjoyed or found useful any of the content or articles on our blog and you feel moved to say thank you in some way, we'd really appreciate it if you'd consider donating the price of a cup of tea (or more if you like) to one of the charities we are supporting. 

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