Hiking on the GR58 and GR5 from Brunissard to Chateau Queyras - Col Tronchet & Lac Roue - Queyras Regional Park

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Saturday 29 August 2015

Hiking on the GR58 and GR5 from Brunissard to Chateau Queyras - Col Tronchet & Lac Roue - Queyras Regional Park

After taking on both the Col Agnel and the Col d'Izoard on our bikes during the two previous days, today our legs told us they definitely needed a day off the bikes, so we planned to go hiking instead. Having already hiked once from Chateau Queyras over the Col Fromage to Ceillac we wanted to try another point to point hike, this time taking an early bus ride to Brunissard (that we'd cycled through en route to the Col d'Izoard) before ascending up and over the Col Tronchet (2347m) on the GR58, Tour de Queyras.

The climb to the col revealed just how tired out legs were, but we plodded on, enjoying the sunshine and cool of the morning in the forests before reaching the col around an hour and half later. Climbing a little further we found a perfect panorama to stop and enjoy a melon and apple breakfast, picking out all of the peaks and valleys we'd visited during our long stay in the Queyras Regional Park.

As the early afternoon sun began to heat up we eventually tore ourselves away from the amazing vista we'd discovered and picked up the GR58 once more, descending eastwards to the river before turning along the valley towards Souliers. However, rather than continue on the GR58, we instead picked up the Ancient Canal route that tracked a small waterway that followed the countours of the valley, giving us a flat and gentle walk all the way to the shores of the picturesque Lac Roue.

Picking out a shady spot we rested our tired legs and looked at the reflection of the mountains and trees in the calm waters of the lake and relished just how perfect and peaceful the day felt at that moment. It was very special.

From Lac Roue we joined the GR5 long distance trail back to Chateau Queyras, descending steeply through wooded hillside with the temperature rising as we descending until it felt like we were in a sauna, with the smell of the pine strong from the trees.

By the time we reached Homer we were ready to cool off, sit down and eat a late lunch/early dinner, but felt exhilarated from the beauty of the day and the joy of being on our feet in the hills.

Tired legs, but the only way is up. Climbing out of Brunissard. 

It doesn't take long for the view to get spectacular. We can see many of the switchbacks we'd cycled on en route to the Col d'Izoard. 

Almost at Col Tronchet

Impressive views from our lunchtime spot.

Back at Col Tronchet after lunch and ready to descend. 

An amazing lookout 'Belveder' from nearby Lac Roue. 

The forest in the afternoon sunshine is a magical place.

Looking down on Chateau Queyras. Homer isn't far away now. 

Tired but very happy. Ready for a tasty salad. 

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