GR5 – Lac Ste Anne and Lac Miroir – Beautiful Hiking Loop from Ceillac

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Friday 24 July 2015

GR5 – Lac Ste Anne and Lac Miroir – Beautiful Hiking Loop from Ceillac

After our pleasant walk past the foot of the Cascade de la Pisse yesterday, today we decided to tackle a larger hike and see the lakes feeding the cascade, the Lac Sainte Anne (2415m) and the Lac Miroir (2214m). Catching the early bus from Ceillac to Fond de Chaurionde (1967m) to save those first few kilometres of hiking closer to the head of the Vallee du Melezet we set off up the initially steep slope through forests towards Lac Sainte Anne. Very soon we were being treated to wonderful views of glacial bowls as we ascended, before emerging into the amazing flooded bowl that held Lac Sainte Anne itself, reflecting the ring of cliffs and peaks beneath a cloudy sky. It was here our route joined the GR5 and after lunch we set off steadily downhill, with far reaching views westwards across the Queyras and out to the Ecrins beyond, to find Lac Miroir equally spectacular.

Although not quite so large the green, wooded setting was incredibly tranquil. After another pause the steep descent, past the river feeding Cascade de la Pisse, went well marred only slightly by the gathering storm clouds that soon led to spitting rain. Even though our final few kilometres back to Ceillac turned into a fast march / jog to avoid the worst of the afternoon storm it had been wonderful day.

Arriving at the car park at Chaurionde and taking a short pause to enjoy the scent of the pine forest in the early morning dew before starting the ascent:

Ascending towards Lac Sainte Anne:


Sitting for lunch and appreciating the beautiful surroundings our feet had got us to:

Hiking the GR5 route towards Lac Miroir gave us magnificent views over the surrounding peaks and all the way to the snow capped peaks of the Ecrins National Park:

Arriving at the equally beautiful Lac Miroir:

Descending past the river feeding Cascade de la Pisse:

Our descent back to Ceillac turned into a jog / fast march as we saw the approaching rain clouds drawing in...... but we got back just in time!

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