From Lake to Lake - Annecy to Camping de Savel

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Tuesday 23 June 2015

From Lake to Lake - Annecy to Camping de Savel

Here is the third instalment of our catch up.... from Lake Annecy to Lac de Monteynard.  Having arrived quite late in Annecy the night before, after the long drive through Switzerland, we took the morning to take it easy (once we'd found ourselves a permitted parking place).  Immediately we were already feeling better , the sun was shining and the sky was very blue.  Living in a motorhome is just that bit easier in better weather and this felt particularly the case that morning, after a period where I hadn't felt so well.  We'd started to realise that although last year we'd been on the go (in 'holiday mode' as we later reflected on it) from the minute we'd left Holland, maybe this time we'd need to accept that it was OK take some time to do a lot of not much and wind down however excited we were to have hit the road again.   But it still didn't stop us taking the opportunity to explore this beautiful turquoise lake and its surroundings, it's just we'd have to take it slowly.

By late morning we'd been relaxing and as it was starting to get quite warm in the motorhome, we wanted to get some fresh air circulating around our system.  As we had walked into Annecy and explored parts of the old town on our last visit, we were keen to spend a bit more time on the shoreline of this beautiful lake.  I didn't feel like walking today - I knew I could have a tendency to walk too far while feeling good and then have to get back.  As there was a dedicated cycle path along the lake, Dan got the bikes off the  back of the motorhome and soon we were taking it nice and slow and following the curvature of the lakeside, amongst many others happily enjoying the scenery.


We could see from the signposts that there were many tours along Lake Annecy and its surrounding hills but for today we were contented being energised by the cycle to the end of the lake, enjoying a peaceful sit in the shade before heading back.  It was getting very warm; heat that up until now we'd been used to and actually we were quite relieved as it started to cloud over.  By the time we were back at the motorhome at least it was cooling off.

In the cool evening air, we decided to take a short walk to sit by the lakeside and continue our planning, trying to identify where we might head to next in order to seek out somewhere peaceful to recuperate.  Feeling a bit better we took a short stroll towards Annecy's old town and enjoyed the atmosphere of the bustling cafes with their bright lights as the evening was drawing in.

Next morning, feeling already better we drove off early toward Gap.  Just outside of Annecy we made two stops.  One was to stock up our veggie supply at a very new and impressive Biocoop which actually then turned the shopping trip into a fun experience.  Secondly, we returned to Narbonne Accessories - a camping shop - where we were remembered (we got an additional Thule lock fitted to our rear door here last year) and greeted by Yann who helped us with several motorhome related issues and questions we'd had since our last visit.  Both trips were successful but had taken longer than expected.  We revised our plans and decided to head for a nice look camping in the ACSI book at 12 euro per night in Savel.

We shared the driving and made it easily past Grenoble.  From here we were following the Route Napoleon (N85) towards Gap until we followed our sat nav's advise to turn off early.  Not having a contoured map, her route seemed to make sense. Well.. to make it a short story.... next time we come here we'll take the other roads!  In return, however, we were treated to wonderful views of the lake below (if we dared to look down!) and the surrounding hills.

Arriving at the campsite we were warmly greeted and after finding a wonderful pitch right on the lakeside just in front of the jetty, we sat and just took in the view.  Plan for the next few days ..... learn to do nothing again and unwind.

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