Cooling Off - Alpine Style in Guillestre - Queyras Regional Park

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Tuesday 7 July 2015

Cooling Off - Alpine Style in Guillestre - Queyras Regional Park

With temperatures hitting the mid-30s in the afternoons we've taken to drastic measures to stay cool. Fortunately at Camping Saint James-les-Pins in Guillestre our motorhome is pitched right next to an icy cold alpine river which offers the perfect solution. Plus, despite the cold, it sure beats sharing campsite showers. Lots of fun, cooling and invigorating. In fact, we found we stayed cool for at least the next hour after getting out. If only we could get one of these in our back garden. Scroll down for the dunking photos...and to see how much less style Dan has than Esther.


Preparing for the dunk....


and she's in....and she's out...


and she's in again!


Elation! She must be getting used to the cold


Dan's turn....but with a lot less style!


He's up....and he's down again...

He loses a flip flop....and he's had enough...

But at least he's still smiling.

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