One Final Accident and We're Off....Goodbye to Holland

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Saturday 13 June 2015

One Final Accident and We're Off....Goodbye to Holland

This past few weeks in Holland has had various ups and downs with hospital visits and illnesses alongside the beauty of the beaches, spring wildlife, family time, cycling and sunshine. Overall, despite the handful of low points our experiences here since we sailed from the UK has been nice and we've enjoyed the feeling of having a more stable base for an extended period. That said, we are also now chomping at the bit to hit the open road once more! In fact, we almost did hit the open road a week ago when we were all packed and ready to roll only to find ourselves back in accident and emergency for the second time in just a few weeks. Fortunately this wasn't a recurrence of the abdominal pains that Esther had been struggling with for some time and which, we hope, are now under control. No, this time it was a much more bloody and gory accident with a kitchen knife that slipped in Esther's hand and left her with an open wound right down to the bone and slicing across 3 fingers. Ouch!

So, after another long hot afternoon spent in accident and emergency and coming home with stitches holding Esther's wounds closed we found ourselves having to rethink once more. That was last Sunday.

But as before, we've made the best of our bonus time in Holland with some amazing weather, daily visits to Oma for meals, games and walks in the sunshine, another visit to the organic market, walks in the park enjoying the springtime wildlife and evening visits to the beach.  However, with the wound being in such a sensitive place we sadly haven't been able to get out on our bikes again since our lovely ride to Zandvoort a week ago.


Throughout the week the wound has been sore and initially there were a few restless nights.  It was bandaged up for the first few days to assist in keeping the fingers still while the healing started but once the took the bandage off we could see it was thankfully healing well and so with the stitches coming out this morning our plans are now officially back on.  All being well and no more unexpected accidents, hopefully we'll finally be rolling out of the Hague tomorrow morning, heading south for....somewhere else. We've got a few possibilities on our drawing board but depending on the mountain weather forecasts our plans might change completely.

But we're not worried, with so much of Europe still to explore we're looking forward to whatever lies ahead. After all, home is where we park it!

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