Feliz Ano Nuevo! Our New Year's Celebrations in Spain

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Thursday 1 January 2015

Feliz Ano Nuevo! Our New Year's Celebrations in Spain

As the end of 2014 drew closer we had taken some time to reflect on all that had changed for us during the year, and that was certainly a lot. The time we had spent contemplating how much had happened, both good and bad, had been a very moving experience and as New Years Eve arrived we found ourselves feeling both calm and reflective and ready to see in 2015 in the relative comfort of our mobile home base in the sunshine. Unlike previous years, where we had been able to mark the transition to a new year with friends or family, this year we would be marking the occasion quietly with just the two of us, which had felt a little melancholy at first. However, in hindsight we actually enjoyed one of our most special New Year's and felt very connected to home and to each other.

New Years Eve started wonderfully when we got to 'meet' my beautiful nephew Dexter on Skype for the very first time, with my brother Chris and Faye looking so joyful with their new son. It was a very special and emotional call for me as well, seeing my younger brother become a father, which left us feeling very happy with the world at the close of the old year.

As the day drew on, after some exercise and a couple of other Skype calls to friends and family back home, we took a stroll down to the beach at Los Escullos (Playa del Arco) once again to watch our final sunset of 2014 and listen to the waves lapping on the shore. Contemplating what excitement might lay in wait in 2015 as we strolled back and the sun dipped behind the hills, casting a soft orange light all around us, we both felt incredibly lucky and grateful to be here, together at this special time and thinking of all the wonderful things we had done since setting off on our adventure.

As day turned to nighttime, after a cup of tea with our mobile home neighbour, we enjoyed a tasty dinner together before another Skype call, this time the first video call with Esther's parents back in the UK preparing for a small celebration with neighbours and getting to see the traditional Dutch New Year's Eve festive treats of oliebollen and appelbeignets which they'd been baking that morning.  It felt very comforting to be speaking with our loved ones as the year's end approached.

After our calls we relaxed and watched part of film together and as the clock ticked closer to midnight in Spain we decided to see out the old year in our own little way, finding a live stream of the fireworks by the Eifel Tower in Paris which we watched whilst playing Auld Lang Syne via YouTube to welcome in 2015.  A quiet, contented celebration together from our little mobile home.

As New Years Day dawned, bright and sunny, we were up early to start 2015 with a healthy green juice followed by another peaceful and relaxing day around the campsite, taking time to do some exercise and chat with some of our fellow guests. Usually we would listen to the New Years Day Concert from Vienna, however, we were disappointed this year not to be able to find a live stream that we could access.  However, our disappoint was soften we discovered that some fellow campers were playing music in the bar/restaurant that evening to mark the start of the new year.

So, following another quiet stroll to the Los Escullos beach (this time to Punta del Esparta) to walk along the rocky outcrops, we took an evening trip to the bar to find Irish folk music being played by a German, Dutchman and English lady! With other guests singing and dancing it was all very festive and it felt good to be among so many happy smiling faces all seeing in the New Year away from home as well.

Although it had been a very different experience for us to be so far from home at New Year, it had certainly been a very Feliz Ano Nuevo in the sunshine!!

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2015!!

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On the clifftops by Los Escullos on New Year's Day

On the clifftops by Los Escullos on New Year's Day

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