A Bicycle Catastrophe on Market Day in San Jose

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Sunday 25 January 2015

A Bicycle Catastrophe on Market Day in San Jose

Well, today turned into a surprisingly eventful day! We made our weekly trip to the market at San Jose about 8km from Camping Los Escullos to restock our fridge. As usual we decided to leave the motorhome behind and taking the energetic option of cycling there and back with rucksacks and panniers bursting with natures bounty. We arrived nice and early to get the pick of the freshest greens and were soon on our way home again when unexpected disaster struck!  The bike gremlins must have been at the bikes again overnight as Esther wrenched off her rear mechanism leaving us with one working bike, about 25kg of fruit and veg and 7km of undulating terrain ahead of us. What to do?

The journey home starts pretty well

Then Disaster! Esther's too strong for the bike, 
 tearing off her rear derailleur with 7km of hilly roads still to go

An Ingenious Solution!  Fortunately, I was there to be the hero!
Although I must admit only pushed on the flat.  She rolled downhill and still had to walk uphill!

We did get some funny looks from other cyclists and drivers,
which made Esther feel a little silly as she was being pushed along.

Although it wasn't how we expected to start our Sunday morning,
we got back and it felt good to have overcome adversity and we had a good giggle in the process.
...and the fruit and veg' made it safely home as well!

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