Moving Home For Christmas

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Wednesday 24 December 2014

Moving Home For Christmas

After a busy afternoon exploring the old town of Almeria on Tuesday we had a bit of an upheaval when we arrived back at the campsite to discover that we were moving home!  However, unlike the rest of our adventure this time we would be moving home without 'moving our home' (at least very far). Throughout our adventure we had often considered getting an apartment around Christmas time as a 'treat'. We love living in our motorhome, but having a bit of space to spread out after more than 8 months would also be a special treat as we relaxed through winter. We had also begun to recognise that its not possible to be in 'holiday mode' permanently on a long tour and we felt ready to have more of a base for a few weeks.

So when we had found out from some of our new friends we had met on the site that camping Los Escullos also offered long stay deals on little mobile homes that worked out just marginally more expensive than the camping fee, we enquired about availability (on the longest stay deal it was less than 50 euro cents per night extra than the long stay ACSI camping discounts). Given the time of year and busyness from Christmas to early January it had looked doubtful, so we were pleasantly surprised when we got back from Almeria to be told they had one available, if we wanted it.

It didn't take us long to weigh up the options having checked out the pleasant little mobile homes the day before. With a simple kitchen/living room leading onto a small double bedroom, toilet/shower (that we wouldn't have to share) plus a small spare bedroom with bunk beds it would be like moving into a mansion after 8 months in our motorhome. There was even a small terrace perfectly positioned to enjoy the afternoon sun. A perfect way to mark this special time of year whilst so far away from family and friends.

The only small doubt we had was that to get the good rates we had to book in for at least a month which felt a little odd after so much moving around. However, having studied the hiking maps we already had a list of at least 15 excursions we wanted to try nearby. Plus, with Cabo de Gata being the driest place in Spain and one of the warmest too, where better to spend a few more weeks through winter.

So, booking in for one month we raced back to our motorhome in the gathering dusk and prepared to move the massive hundred metres or so required to park outside our new residence. Collecting just a few basic clothes, some ingredients for dinner and of course Esther's homemade Christmas decorations, we completed the quickest house move we have ever enjoyed and 20 minutes later were sat at our new dining table enjoying a tasty meal.

Our beloved motorhome is parked only twenty metres away serving as a walk-in wardrobe and food cupboard! The novelty of having to walk more than 3 steps from bedroom to bathroom will take some getting used to!

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Spot our motorhome - 
parked just behind our new mobile home! 

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