Feeling Rested in Tarascon-sur-Ariège - The Journey South Starts Tomorrow

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Wednesday 19 November 2014

Feeling Rested in Tarascon-sur-Ariège - The Journey South Starts Tomorrow

Its hard to believe that it's more than 2 weeks ago since we first arrived at Camping le Sedour just outside of Tarascon-sur-Ariège. We arrived after more than a fortnight of intense activity cycling up some of the most challenging roads of the French Pyrenees in addition to several hikes and we certainly felt ready to take it a little easier for a while before taking a long drive south to find the Spanish winter sun. Neither of us expected, however, that we would find such a relaxing and peaceful haven that we could happily while away a fortnight feeling completely at ease.

The combination of the very quiet and peaceful campsite (we've only seen 3 other motorhomes in the 2 weeks), the relatively low out-of-season price (working out at just over 10 Euros per night with ACSI discounts), Patrick the incredibly friendly campsite guardian who had made us feel very welcome plus the gentle rolling hills carpeted by trees slowly giving up their last remaining leaves to autumn has been exactly what we needed and its been hard to leave despite the chilly nights. But that's our plan for tomorrow morning, to pack away the chocks and hit the open road once again.

The past 16 days have passed very happily indeed with lots of time to read, sit in the afternoon sun (when the weather allowed), jog among the scenic hills and local hamlets, prepare tasty meals, try new recipes (even fire up our oven for the first time!), get on top of laundry, time for crafts and letter writing and watch the occasional YouTube movie after catching up with family and friends using Skype and email (this is just the second campsite where the WiFi signal reaches the motorhome). Also, the town of Tarascon-sur-Ariege is a very pleasant place to stroll as well, especially on market day when we can enjoy browsing the freshest fruit and vegetables, plus it even has an organic supermarket! What more could we ask for.

Not that we've been completely static either, with 2 big cycles to the Port de Lers and the Col de Port completed, plus visits to the Parc de la Prehistoire, the Niaux Caves and a day trip to the larger market at nearby Foix.

But now it is time to say farewell. When we arrived the trees around our motorhome were still lush with golden leaves, but now stand forlorn with just a few yellow ones clinging on while the piles of brown leaves beneath our feet have swelled dramatically. When we roll away in the morning we will be travelling a short distance south, with an idea to try another famous Tour de France summit finish at Plateau de Beille provided the forecast sunshine (and warmer temperatures) arrive as we hope it will. After that, however, our plans are very fluid. Perhaps we will continue south into Spain via Andorra, or traverse the Pyrenees towards the coast at Perpignan before turning south to Barcelona?

Until we start the engine we just don't know, but either way we've had a lovely rest and are excited to get on the road again.

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