Leaving Kijkduin - Due South ..... that's the way we're going....

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Thursday 12 June 2014

Leaving Kijkduin - Due South ..... that's the way we're going....

Top marks to anyone reading this who spotted the reference to the 90's TV series "Due South", you remember the one with the mountie and his loyal wolf., Diefenbaker...maybe not. Anyway, after much deliberation and changing our minds back and forth trying to second guess the weather we've decided to head south towards the Alps. It's been an amazing time in Holland, with lots of beach walks, cycle tours and lots of time for organic shopping and learning about how it's grown in a country famous for its fruit and vegetable exports.

Getting away from it all...
Both options had a lot going for them. We've been to Norway before and both love the Fjords, the remote landscapes, getting away from the crowds.....but there's a fairly high chance you'll get rained on even in summer and the average temperatures are in the high teens to low twenties. On the other hand you have the Alps, with almost guaranteed sunshine most of the time except for the late afternoon thunderstorms (which Esther's not too keen on), amazing views and panoramas and more walks than you can do in a lifetime......but it will be busy and could be too hot.  We're both quite fair skinned and I'm a ginger!

Contemplating where to go next?
It's really a 50:50 decision and there isn't a right or wrong answer as both are such beautiful places. So what swung it for us? Well, we logged onto the web using our tablet this past week and happened to get an image pop up of a beautiful landscape that we thought must be Yosemite in the USA or some where in New Zealand, something like that as it was so magnificent. Turned out when we followed the link it was the Dolomites in Italy. Decision made - south it is. The scenery is amazing and the weather most likely will be better, plus we haven't been to the Alps since 2003 and want to go back.

So what happens next? We haven't got that far yet. We've picked up some more guide books (in Dutch), "Met de Kampeer Door Europa""and "Facile-en-Route Campergids Europa (but it is available as Camperstop Europe in English)". Between them they've got loads of cheaper or free camping spots plus some scenic routes all over Europe including dozens in the Alps, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Greece....(but not France!, that's complete other book on its own), so we've got the tools to work it out as we go. First off, start heading south which is exactly what we're doing in the morning, probably getting to South Holland or Belgium.

So, it's time to say goodbye to the Hague and Kijkduin after 2 1/2 peaceful weeks pottering around, walking on the beach, juicing, reading, checking up on our favourite family of moorhens and their chicks and generally feeling pretty relaxed. The weather has been awesome this week and we've had a good long beach walk every day and usually a great sunset stroll as well.  Not sure when we'll next see the sun set over the sea but we are eargely looking foward to maybe the possibility of sunsets over some mountain peaks.

So it was slightly sad to realise it was our final beach walk here this afternoon but we are excited to be back on the road and will do our best to keep you posted.....

Goodbye to the Hague, one last sunset on the beach

Motorhome Base: Vakantiepark Kijkduin

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